Thursday, March 19, 2015

Week Numba 1
Wow what an eventful week! so much happened and i feel like i just got here yesterday and at the same time i feel like i have been here for years. its amazing. the feeling i have and the spirit that is at the mtc is unbelievable. everyone is so so nice and welcoming and loving. our district presidents wife and his coucelors wives are so sweet and helpful. its been hard this week because weve taught 3 lessons already in portuguese and i dont even know the language! the gift of tongues is real. we'll just get in the lesson and things will just come out. my companion, sister perkins, has an unbelievably easy time with the language and is able to comunicate with the investigator very easily. the spirit is so strong and is always here. there are a lot of rules and its hard to follow them all but i know its for a good reason and i should follow them. ive met so many people and there are people from all around the world here. its amazing to see everyone. we're always rushed for time and we walk everywhere. we also study for 3-4 hours at a time 3 times a day so theres a lot of brain work. we were able to walk to the temple on sunday and get out of the gates haha but it was such a beautiful day to go see the temple and today we get to go to a session. im so excited! on suday we go to sacrament and then right to RS and then we have a walk and then we come back and watch movies. the one we watched this week was called character of christ and its a talk givin my elder bednar and its one of the best things ive ever seen. its life changing! i encourage all of you to go watch it if you have time!! its kind of long but you wont regret it. anyways its time to go but i hope you all have a wonderful week and remember if you have a question or a trail you can always ask god. hes always there for you. i love you all!! -Sister Anderson

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