Monday, February 15, 2016


when faced with temptation, He shunned it.
when offered the world, He declined it.
when asked for His life, He gave it.
-thomas s monson 

Semana 49

this week was good we saw so many miracles! sunday we tried calling so many people before church and no one answered and we went to a lot of peoples houses and no one answered and so we went to church and as we walked into the gate we looked behind us and two of our investigators were coming and we were soooooo happy!!!!!!! and then we were sitting there and one of the persons blessing the sacrament gave a head nod to the door for us becasuse oliveira came! he said he didnt answer us just to scare us!! like why!!! oh and this morning sister and president cabral called and my comp had to go home because of her back and knee... we just sent her off and now ill be in a trio with the sister training leaders and here in santos until thursday and then ill go to praia grande until next week adn then who knows..... so ya ill travel a lot this week. i am doing good. i dont know who will be my comp for the rest of the trasfers but ya thats all. we had lots of good moments this week. love you all:) 

¿Semana 47.5 or 48?

hello friends. today we are emailing because monday is a holiday and wont be open. its carnaval time here. people party like crazies. there are lots of fireworks already and it is starting today. it starts today and goes until tuesday. i dont really know what its like but we will have to go home at 6 all thses days because its not good to stay out i guess. idk how it is im just telling you what ive heard. i hope you are all good! our week was good. not a lot happened other than the ordinary. we went to the doctors office a couple times for my comp but when we were onthe bus going there we met some really cool people that said we could visit them. so everything has a reason. its been really hot so we eat jello every single day when we get home. its good:) one of our investigators is mexican and she made mexican food for us an it was so good. i miss mexican food. haha. bye i love you:) 

Semana 47

hello!! hope you all had a good week! it sounds like you all are freezin! not us we are melting! 
- it was a warm week! usually people get kinda sad when it rains but not me. when the sun isnt angry im happy too!:)
- oliviera went to church and he liked it it was cool. we met a l ot of cool people too! 
- there is a person who reminds me of henry slack. i dont even know why. 
- yesterday when we were at the casa da vovo (granny home) a grannie came and said she was catholic and another came and they started to fight and then one gave the other the finger and i think it was one of the funniest things i had ever seen. there is a lady there that speaks english and she talks to me in elgish a lot and she likes to say see ya later aligator in a while crocidile. 
- we had transfers but i stayed here. 
- much more but i dotn have time 
loveyou all hope you have a great week!!!!:) be careful in the snow!!!

Semana 46

this week was good!
- missionary conference was amazing!
- found some really cool people
- during english class there was a guy there who speaks english fluently so we were just talking and basically i just gave him the lesson about joseph in english and he said he believed everything while we were explaining about prayer and in the middle of the conversation he just started to pray and he asked if this is the true church and if he shouldbe baptized and if joseph was a prophet. it was cool but his wife doesnt allow us to visit him at his house and he doestn have a phone so we marked to meet with him at the chapel but he didnt show up so i hope we can meet with him again. 
- i held a parrot on my finger 
- we ate pizza with a recent convert and she paid 75 reais for one pizza with cheese and brocoli. we joked sayinig it was beverly hills pizza. 
- a lot of our investigators are traveling so we couldnt talkto them a lot this week. 
i forgot the rest but a lot happened. i hope you all have a great week!!:) love you all!! 

Semana 45

i will just do bullet points again because its a lot easier and faster. 
- emergency transfers Tuesday im in ponta da praia (santos) with sister sousa. she has a problem with her back and knee so we dont run around as much as we did in samambaia.
- we met a guy the first day while we were ``knocking doors`` and when we went back he was way happy that we went there and he said it was crazy that we showed up there because he told god he wanted help and then we showed up. it was cool. we werent able to have a lesson with him because his wife wasnt there and he was leaving but we marked another day to visit him with his wife there and then we left. we went to another house that we had gotten an address for that house and when we got there he was there too! like what. it was his uncles house and we marked to visit his uncle this week too. 
-we met another family and the dad lived im moab for a couple years. like what. usually people dont even know where utah is but he lived in moab. it was cool. my comp is from espirito santo and this dude lived there too. it was cool how much we had in common. 
- it rained a lot and my umbrella broke so we got real wet. 
- we went to the old folks home and shared a message with them and some men from the ward gave them the sacrament. it was one of the most spiritual experiences i have had on the mission so it was so cool. 
- i miss samambaia
- this area only has buildings and apartments so it is hard to knock on doors but we call people from the little phone thingy at the bottom and ask them if we can talk to them. its cool but its hard to give lessons here. this area is a richer part and people arent as accepting as the other areas i have been in. but the members are great!! 
- there was an explosion in guaruja and it filled the air with smoke and smelled like cleaning supplies and we all had head aches. it was crazy.  

love you all hope you have a wonderful week!! pray for my comp that she can have better health!  😘💜

Semana 44

this week was good im really short on time so ill just do some bullet points
-andre and gisele are reading the book of mormon. they didnt go to church because gisele is really sick
-ana is doing so good and went to church and we did family night at their house and it was perfect and she watched the elders baptism so shes really excited!! 
- we got a new washing machine and it s already broken so ya cool. the elders came to fix it and elder hesselgesser had to suck all the water out by mouth ahahah it was funny
-the elders had a baptism and we were talking with the new member and she was telling us how she ate some weeds from her yard and it burned her mouth and it took all that i had not to laugh. the temptation to laugh was never so strong. 
-i am starting personal progress so wish me luck! 
love you all and i hope you  all have a great week!!!:)