Monday, February 15, 2016


hello frens:) miss you all and i hope you all have a wonderful chirstmas!! this week was good. i dont have a lot of time but i just wanna share an experience real quick. so this week i was having some trouble and i asked the elders for a blessing and it was so crazy what he said. i havent ever told anyone here that it has been hard for me let alone what has been hard. only the lord knows and so when the elder was giving the blessing i knew that it was from our father in heaven because only he knows what i needed to hear. the power of the priesthood is real! all you have the priesthood should always be worthy to hold it and those who dont should use it when they need to.:) i hope you all are remembering the true meaning of christmas!! the birth of our savior. not just a dude but our savior. he will save us and only him!! we had the contata de natal and our chior sang. it was good!! love you all and i hope you have a merry christmas!!!!!!:) loves from brazil!! 
o ps our water had a problem this week haha 

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