Monday, February 15, 2016

Semana 46

this week was good!
- missionary conference was amazing!
- found some really cool people
- during english class there was a guy there who speaks english fluently so we were just talking and basically i just gave him the lesson about joseph in english and he said he believed everything while we were explaining about prayer and in the middle of the conversation he just started to pray and he asked if this is the true church and if he shouldbe baptized and if joseph was a prophet. it was cool but his wife doesnt allow us to visit him at his house and he doestn have a phone so we marked to meet with him at the chapel but he didnt show up so i hope we can meet with him again. 
- i held a parrot on my finger 
- we ate pizza with a recent convert and she paid 75 reais for one pizza with cheese and brocoli. we joked sayinig it was beverly hills pizza. 
- a lot of our investigators are traveling so we couldnt talkto them a lot this week. 
i forgot the rest but a lot happened. i hope you all have a great week!!:) love you all!! 

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