Monday, February 15, 2016

¡Semana 36!

time is flying by like crazy! its crazy!! i feel like this week didn't even happen. we met a woman named maria this week and she is way cool. shes probably like 65ish but she gets so excited when we go to her house. she smokes... a lot! she started smoking when she was 11 and she smoked like 4 packs a day. this year she went to the doctors and shes lowered it to like 1 pack a day  but still that's a lot. shes had a crazy life. she started working as a cook for some lady when she was 8 years old because her mom didn't take care of her. started smoking at 11, was married at 15 and had her first kid at 16. her husband is in a wheelchair and two of her kids are having surgery this week. we made a goal with her to stop smoking and she has been cutting back but she still is smoking.. i told her i would quit eating chocolate if she stopped smoking and so its been a week and i haven't eating anything with chocolate. its a lot harder than you think. also a less active in our ward asked us to visit her so we went there yesterday and when we just got there the elders showed up too to give a blessing to her husband because he was hit by a car. he was in pretty rough shape but he was so grateful for the elders and he said he would go to church next week. but what is more crazy is this.. their daughter is 9 and when this happened the mom walked into her bedroom and heard her praying and she said god please don't let my dad die like this. please give him time to repent first. it was amazing. when the mom told this story the spirit was so strong in the room! kids have a huge influence on their parents! Sunday was the primary program in our ward and there was a lot of less actives and part member families at church because of this. it was awesome!:) this week was a good one! oh and i cut my hair... i don't know why people who cut hair here always want to cut more than i want but the always do. she cut like 6 inches and i almost cried.. oh and yesterday there were a bunch of fire flies by our house. it was so cool! everyone is preparing for Christmas already!!!!!:) whoo hoo!!! this is the house next to us! anyways please pray for maria and have a great week! love you all!:) 

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