Monday, February 15, 2016

Semana 43

Hellooooooooooo!!! This week was good! i hope you all had a great new years! we did! we had weekly planning this day and we had instructions from president not to leave the house this day so we planned all day and then hung out reading some liahonas and stuff it was a good day! there were a bunch of people here! a member told us that just in Praia grande there was 1 million tourists. and i believe it. the stores were all packed and the beach too. like i have never seen that many people in my life i dont think. at midnight there were soooo many fireworks!!! we peeked out the window and watched for a second because there was no chance that we could sleep because it was so loud. literally everyone and their dog was screaming, honking their horn, letting of fireworks, and being crazy! haha it was so different from new years in Utah haha. it was good though. the ward was awesome! because we couldn't leave the house a couple people brought us some food and snacks. it was so nice of them!! we had some glow in the dark balloons that are still glowing today too it was awesome:) 

this week we met some new people who were pretty cool. the first was Monica. shes about 50 and doesn't have any teeth on the top and on the bottom they are all rotted but she isn't afraid to smile!:) we were doing contacts on the street because lunch wasn't ready when we got there and i talked with a dude and he said we could go to his house so we went there and his wife was there and we started telling her about us and she said she knew already because her son is already baptized in the church but inactive. he was there and we gave her a book of Mormon and she started crying and kissed our hands. it was kinda weird but it was so good to see how much people love to hear about Christ. it was so special for me to meet her. the other people we meet are Andre and Giselle. they are a young couple and they were a reference from the bishop of another ward. so we went there and they were so interested. we marked to meet them at 4 and we got there at like 4:03 because there was a huge ditch between us that we had to walk around but at 4 oclock we saw them open their door and they were waiting for us. it was pretty cool. they are married and it was a good lesson!!:)  

i was reading a thing from president thomas s monson and it said the four things we need to remember for the new year are these: to learn, to love, to listen, and to labor! the four L´s for this year will be these for me:) we made some goals and i am already seeing the difference!! one thing i changed was that i started writing everything down that we study so that i can remember things better. and it  is helping a lot. i dont know why i didnt start this way earlier! i hope i can keep learning so much! 

oh and the 31st we planned and did everything we needed to do real quick and we had to go back home a little early because things were getting wild and so we were playing uno and my comp saw a cockroach on the wall behind me so i grabbed my flip flop and flung it behind me and I GOT THE COCKROACH!!!!!!!!!!!! like you guys dont even know how cool it was. the shoe got him perfect and he died just like that. so yea im the master bug killer here:)   and we walked like crazy this week because a lotof our investigators live really far away and so i have some real sweet tan lines on my feet. and then it rained all day yesterday and the day before and so my feet were wet all day and ya know how when you go swimming and you get grandma feet? ya well i had granny feet but where they were still white they were so ugly hahaha like i couldnt even look at them. it was funny.  speaking of ugly i hope you guys dont get to scared from our pictures... :s 

love you alllll:) bye bye!!!!!!! 

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