Monday, February 15, 2016

Semana 39

this week was good. we had the sister training leaders with us for weekly planning and it was kinda weird but tudo bem. we did a lot of service this week. we painted a house and it was cool. we also did  a lot of little services for people. one is kinda funny. so we live by the freeway and the overpasses are kinda different one side goes up and then where you pass across the freeway is flat and then on the other side it goes down. its like a giant u thats tilted over the freeway and there was a lady with a shopping cart trying to push it up the over pass andwe asked her if she wanted help but she said no but then she was still having a lot of trouble so we just went and helped anyways and she was happy when we got to the top but she just took over and said thank you i can go from here but she couldnt turn the cart to go the direction she wanted so we helped her turn in and were about to help her more but she just said that shed get a man on the other side and there was another girl with her too so we let her go and when we were walking down the other side we looked over and she was running down the other side and she looked over and waved. you guys dont even know how funny it was because she was chasing her groceries and looked over and waved at us. i almost died of laughter. things are getting better with the recent converts here. we have one who wasnt reading or praying. she was just going to church becasue she like the missionaries and she has been reading and praying and yesterday when we went there she asked us to help her make goals :) it  was awesome. and another was having really bad health and shes like 87 but when we went there yesterday she was jumping up and down because she was feeling so much better and her life is finally getting better! it was awsome:) you guys need to watch the video the church made for christmas! in english i think its something like the savior was born. its way cool:) makes ya stop and think:) i hope you are all having good holidays!! :) love you all!!!:) 

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