Sunday, April 26, 2015

Week Number 6

HELLO EVERYONE! I have good news! I GOT MY VISA!!! hah jk i didnt i am going to riverside California! i leave tomorrow at 330 am. holy moly that's early. this week was full of wonderful things! we hosted in the snow and got our reassignments and had 615 service all on Wednesday so that was a long day, then we were slammed with studying because we only had a couple more days here. then we had infield orientation which was all day! it was good though! it made me realize how hard its going to be to teach in English. to keep it simple enough that i don't scare people and i've only ever practiced in Portuguese before that.. it was difficult. the struggle is real. sacrament was amazing as always. when districts leave the branch we sing in sacrament and we sung have i done any good and it was so good! my singing still sucks but at least i sang:) our branch president just calls on an elder and a sister each Sunday from the congregation and that person has to talk to speak immediately after. this week he called on sister bingham from our district and my comp kinda laughed towards her because we all called it and so he made my comp sister perkins talk too. and then an elder as well so it kinda was a long sacrament but it was good!! it was super spiritual!!!! all of Sunday was! last night our district had testimony meeting and it was amazing! i love our district! its crazy how close we have become in such a short amount of time. ill miss everyone! i miss all of you:) and i love all of you:) this week for trc we taught via skype again with a man from brazil and he is learning english and he is going to be a flight attendant speaking english and he asked us to pray for him and his language. so that was cool:) he was so awesome . he was so nice. when i bore my testimony he got all teary and was so grateful that i shared it. it was in portuguese so it was kinda choppy and didnt make a lot of sense im sure but he was grateful to hear it for sure. i am getting nervous to fly for the first time!!!!!! ah!!!! im so excited though! most of our district left today at 330 am so i didnt sleep very much. it was an emotional night ahah but all is well. we were all kind of crying and someone said dont cry because its over, smile because it happend. i love that.:) i hope you all have a fabulous week :) miss ya and love ya:) matt 5:16 -sister Anderson:)

Week Number 5

Hello everyone i hope you all had a wonderful week! i know i did! our districts got to be hosts and show the new missionaries around and take them to class! the one day it decides to snow is the day we are outside! :) it was freezing but it was fun! i was surprised that not one of the missionaries i was taking from their families cried. i was surprised. we had a lot of good lessons this week:) our TRC was on skype with a girl from brazil! she was way cool and i could understand most of what she was saying and i think she understood what i was saying. shes about to go on a mission as well. so much happened this week i dont remember what i was going to tell you! i should be getting my reassignment tomorrow unless a miracle happens and i get my visa! ill let you all know where ill be going tomorrow hopefully! some of our district already know that they are going to florida! we get to be hosts again tomorrow and it will probably be bad weather. it is right now. the temple was great to go to today. it is our last p day here probably and so thats kinda sad.. i cant believe its already been a month!!!!!! its crazy how fast time flies by!! it gets stressful at times because there is so much to do and so little time but things always work out!! ive learned so much being here! and more than just Portuguese! i know that heavenly father is helping me so much! i can feel the angels around me helping me to do all that He expects us to do while we are here. the gift of tongues is so real! there are times when we go into lessons and i want to say things and dont know how but as soonas i start talking he steps in and helps to convey the message in a foreign language that i dont know. its amazing to see the holy ghost teach lessons! i hope you all have a wonderful week!! i miss you all:) i love you! also sorry if my english is terrible, portuguese messes with my mind! -sister anderson

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

    This week was so amazing! so many things happened! CONFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow what a wonderful experience to have watched here at the MTC! it was amazing! its crazy how much more you understand and can relate to when you actually pay attention!! Conference was seriously so powerful this month! if any of you havent watched it i encourage you to take some time and watch/listen to it with a question in mind and seek for revelation. it was hard at first because they were all speaking on families and i had just left my family and was feeling just a little sad for myself and then a thought came to my mind that being away from my family for a short amount of time isnt that hard because i can go invite others to come unto christ so they can be with theres FOREVER! FO-EV-VER! sqince says it the best! but really how amazing is it knowing that even after we arent on this earth anymore we can live with our families forever! it really touched my heart! this week for our TRC we taught actual Brazilians from Brasila! they were here for conference! it was seriously one of the coolest things ive done since ive been here. they were so awesome and so loving! we taught some more lessons this week to and they went good but it was just way awesome to teach Brazilians not RM's that learned portuguese. ive always been really excited to come and serve but after this week i really just have a true desire to serve him and give it 100% its amazing what can happen if we open/soften our hearts. we are done learning new things in class and we are just starting to review and expound on what we know. they taught us all the things we need to know in 3 weeks! the whole book we coveredin just 3 weeks! and the first week we only had a teacher for 3-4 hours a day!  the last picture is with the brazilians we taught.:) the first picture under the trees it goes sister mceldowney sister gines sister aston sister bingham me sister perkins (my comp) elder hiener elder kime and elder efros. were kind of an awkward district if you couldnt tell. hah but we are all close and get along good! i hope you all had a great easter and i hope you all have a great week! ill send the pictures in another email. i love you all:) 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

    Wow what a week! we had a bunch of lessons this week and they all went pretty good except one.. we were talking about prophets and the investigator was asking why our prophet is any different than other churches prophets and my comp thought that there wasn't prophets in other churches so she was kind of arguing just a little and so we had to start over but it ended up ok. we went to the temple today and it was fantastic! its so nice to be able to have a break from studying all the time to go and relax and feel the spirit without straining your brain. this Sunday was missionary conference which is like stake conference to those who aren't in the mtc. it was really really good! brother Daniel from the mission department compared reading our scriptures to snorkeling. we can snorkel and see from the top of the water what is down at the bottom and it is beautiful, but we are restrained to the top. or we can deep sea dive and go experience up close what is down there and see all the wonderful animals and other things. we can go wherever we want to go. we should dive deeply into the scriptures. also a couple more things that stood out to me... enduring to the end doesnt mean surviving to the end it means serving to the end! what a great way to be!! also in testimony meeting on sunday we had an elder who bore his testimony on testimonies. its amazing how the lord will help strengthen others testimonies by hearing others testimonies. we also had our first trc lesson this week. it was good but probably one of the harder lessons weve had so far. trc is when members of the church who know your language come and volunteer to hear the learning missions lesson. but they dont pretend to be an investigator, so here are me and sis perkins.. a couple of newbies teaching these people that just got home from a mission, and dont have doubts about the gospel, about the gospel. it was hard to find things to share with them that will benefit their lives. the language is coming along.. its hard but its really actually coming along pretty fast. i can have a conversation pretty well in the porknchese language. we do service on wednesdays and saturdays in the morning and its great! we clean the buildings but its really actually fun. i hope that you all have a wonderful easter and a wonderful conference weekend! i miss and love you all:) dont forget to pray. you dont even need a reason to pray. just do it. itll help you more than you know. god is waiting for you to ask him so that he can bless you! i love you :) -sister anderson:)