Sunday, April 26, 2015

Week Number 5

Hello everyone i hope you all had a wonderful week! i know i did! our districts got to be hosts and show the new missionaries around and take them to class! the one day it decides to snow is the day we are outside! :) it was freezing but it was fun! i was surprised that not one of the missionaries i was taking from their families cried. i was surprised. we had a lot of good lessons this week:) our TRC was on skype with a girl from brazil! she was way cool and i could understand most of what she was saying and i think she understood what i was saying. shes about to go on a mission as well. so much happened this week i dont remember what i was going to tell you! i should be getting my reassignment tomorrow unless a miracle happens and i get my visa! ill let you all know where ill be going tomorrow hopefully! some of our district already know that they are going to florida! we get to be hosts again tomorrow and it will probably be bad weather. it is right now. the temple was great to go to today. it is our last p day here probably and so thats kinda sad.. i cant believe its already been a month!!!!!! its crazy how fast time flies by!! it gets stressful at times because there is so much to do and so little time but things always work out!! ive learned so much being here! and more than just Portuguese! i know that heavenly father is helping me so much! i can feel the angels around me helping me to do all that He expects us to do while we are here. the gift of tongues is so real! there are times when we go into lessons and i want to say things and dont know how but as soonas i start talking he steps in and helps to convey the message in a foreign language that i dont know. its amazing to see the holy ghost teach lessons! i hope you all have a wonderful week!! i miss you all:) i love you! also sorry if my english is terrible, portuguese messes with my mind! -sister anderson

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