Wednesday, April 1, 2015

    Wow what a week! we had a bunch of lessons this week and they all went pretty good except one.. we were talking about prophets and the investigator was asking why our prophet is any different than other churches prophets and my comp thought that there wasn't prophets in other churches so she was kind of arguing just a little and so we had to start over but it ended up ok. we went to the temple today and it was fantastic! its so nice to be able to have a break from studying all the time to go and relax and feel the spirit without straining your brain. this Sunday was missionary conference which is like stake conference to those who aren't in the mtc. it was really really good! brother Daniel from the mission department compared reading our scriptures to snorkeling. we can snorkel and see from the top of the water what is down at the bottom and it is beautiful, but we are restrained to the top. or we can deep sea dive and go experience up close what is down there and see all the wonderful animals and other things. we can go wherever we want to go. we should dive deeply into the scriptures. also a couple more things that stood out to me... enduring to the end doesnt mean surviving to the end it means serving to the end! what a great way to be!! also in testimony meeting on sunday we had an elder who bore his testimony on testimonies. its amazing how the lord will help strengthen others testimonies by hearing others testimonies. we also had our first trc lesson this week. it was good but probably one of the harder lessons weve had so far. trc is when members of the church who know your language come and volunteer to hear the learning missions lesson. but they dont pretend to be an investigator, so here are me and sis perkins.. a couple of newbies teaching these people that just got home from a mission, and dont have doubts about the gospel, about the gospel. it was hard to find things to share with them that will benefit their lives. the language is coming along.. its hard but its really actually coming along pretty fast. i can have a conversation pretty well in the porknchese language. we do service on wednesdays and saturdays in the morning and its great! we clean the buildings but its really actually fun. i hope that you all have a wonderful easter and a wonderful conference weekend! i miss and love you all:) dont forget to pray. you dont even need a reason to pray. just do it. itll help you more than you know. god is waiting for you to ask him so that he can bless you! i love you :) -sister anderson:)

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