Monday, February 15, 2016


when faced with temptation, He shunned it.
when offered the world, He declined it.
when asked for His life, He gave it.
-thomas s monson 

Semana 49

this week was good we saw so many miracles! sunday we tried calling so many people before church and no one answered and we went to a lot of peoples houses and no one answered and so we went to church and as we walked into the gate we looked behind us and two of our investigators were coming and we were soooooo happy!!!!!!! and then we were sitting there and one of the persons blessing the sacrament gave a head nod to the door for us becasuse oliveira came! he said he didnt answer us just to scare us!! like why!!! oh and this morning sister and president cabral called and my comp had to go home because of her back and knee... we just sent her off and now ill be in a trio with the sister training leaders and here in santos until thursday and then ill go to praia grande until next week adn then who knows..... so ya ill travel a lot this week. i am doing good. i dont know who will be my comp for the rest of the trasfers but ya thats all. we had lots of good moments this week. love you all:) 

¿Semana 47.5 or 48?

hello friends. today we are emailing because monday is a holiday and wont be open. its carnaval time here. people party like crazies. there are lots of fireworks already and it is starting today. it starts today and goes until tuesday. i dont really know what its like but we will have to go home at 6 all thses days because its not good to stay out i guess. idk how it is im just telling you what ive heard. i hope you are all good! our week was good. not a lot happened other than the ordinary. we went to the doctors office a couple times for my comp but when we were onthe bus going there we met some really cool people that said we could visit them. so everything has a reason. its been really hot so we eat jello every single day when we get home. its good:) one of our investigators is mexican and she made mexican food for us an it was so good. i miss mexican food. haha. bye i love you:) 

Semana 47

hello!! hope you all had a good week! it sounds like you all are freezin! not us we are melting! 
- it was a warm week! usually people get kinda sad when it rains but not me. when the sun isnt angry im happy too!:)
- oliviera went to church and he liked it it was cool. we met a l ot of cool people too! 
- there is a person who reminds me of henry slack. i dont even know why. 
- yesterday when we were at the casa da vovo (granny home) a grannie came and said she was catholic and another came and they started to fight and then one gave the other the finger and i think it was one of the funniest things i had ever seen. there is a lady there that speaks english and she talks to me in elgish a lot and she likes to say see ya later aligator in a while crocidile. 
- we had transfers but i stayed here. 
- much more but i dotn have time 
loveyou all hope you have a great week!!!!:) be careful in the snow!!!

Semana 46

this week was good!
- missionary conference was amazing!
- found some really cool people
- during english class there was a guy there who speaks english fluently so we were just talking and basically i just gave him the lesson about joseph in english and he said he believed everything while we were explaining about prayer and in the middle of the conversation he just started to pray and he asked if this is the true church and if he shouldbe baptized and if joseph was a prophet. it was cool but his wife doesnt allow us to visit him at his house and he doestn have a phone so we marked to meet with him at the chapel but he didnt show up so i hope we can meet with him again. 
- i held a parrot on my finger 
- we ate pizza with a recent convert and she paid 75 reais for one pizza with cheese and brocoli. we joked sayinig it was beverly hills pizza. 
- a lot of our investigators are traveling so we couldnt talkto them a lot this week. 
i forgot the rest but a lot happened. i hope you all have a great week!!:) love you all!! 

Semana 45

i will just do bullet points again because its a lot easier and faster. 
- emergency transfers Tuesday im in ponta da praia (santos) with sister sousa. she has a problem with her back and knee so we dont run around as much as we did in samambaia.
- we met a guy the first day while we were ``knocking doors`` and when we went back he was way happy that we went there and he said it was crazy that we showed up there because he told god he wanted help and then we showed up. it was cool. we werent able to have a lesson with him because his wife wasnt there and he was leaving but we marked another day to visit him with his wife there and then we left. we went to another house that we had gotten an address for that house and when we got there he was there too! like what. it was his uncles house and we marked to visit his uncle this week too. 
-we met another family and the dad lived im moab for a couple years. like what. usually people dont even know where utah is but he lived in moab. it was cool. my comp is from espirito santo and this dude lived there too. it was cool how much we had in common. 
- it rained a lot and my umbrella broke so we got real wet. 
- we went to the old folks home and shared a message with them and some men from the ward gave them the sacrament. it was one of the most spiritual experiences i have had on the mission so it was so cool. 
- i miss samambaia
- this area only has buildings and apartments so it is hard to knock on doors but we call people from the little phone thingy at the bottom and ask them if we can talk to them. its cool but its hard to give lessons here. this area is a richer part and people arent as accepting as the other areas i have been in. but the members are great!! 
- there was an explosion in guaruja and it filled the air with smoke and smelled like cleaning supplies and we all had head aches. it was crazy.  

love you all hope you have a wonderful week!! pray for my comp that she can have better health!  πŸ˜˜πŸ’œ

Semana 44

this week was good im really short on time so ill just do some bullet points
-andre and gisele are reading the book of mormon. they didnt go to church because gisele is really sick
-ana is doing so good and went to church and we did family night at their house and it was perfect and she watched the elders baptism so shes really excited!! 
- we got a new washing machine and it s already broken so ya cool. the elders came to fix it and elder hesselgesser had to suck all the water out by mouth ahahah it was funny
-the elders had a baptism and we were talking with the new member and she was telling us how she ate some weeds from her yard and it burned her mouth and it took all that i had not to laugh. the temptation to laugh was never so strong. 
-i am starting personal progress so wish me luck! 
love you all and i hope you  all have a great week!!!:) 

Semana 43

Hellooooooooooo!!! This week was good! i hope you all had a great new years! we did! we had weekly planning this day and we had instructions from president not to leave the house this day so we planned all day and then hung out reading some liahonas and stuff it was a good day! there were a bunch of people here! a member told us that just in Praia grande there was 1 million tourists. and i believe it. the stores were all packed and the beach too. like i have never seen that many people in my life i dont think. at midnight there were soooo many fireworks!!! we peeked out the window and watched for a second because there was no chance that we could sleep because it was so loud. literally everyone and their dog was screaming, honking their horn, letting of fireworks, and being crazy! haha it was so different from new years in Utah haha. it was good though. the ward was awesome! because we couldn't leave the house a couple people brought us some food and snacks. it was so nice of them!! we had some glow in the dark balloons that are still glowing today too it was awesome:) 

this week we met some new people who were pretty cool. the first was Monica. shes about 50 and doesn't have any teeth on the top and on the bottom they are all rotted but she isn't afraid to smile!:) we were doing contacts on the street because lunch wasn't ready when we got there and i talked with a dude and he said we could go to his house so we went there and his wife was there and we started telling her about us and she said she knew already because her son is already baptized in the church but inactive. he was there and we gave her a book of Mormon and she started crying and kissed our hands. it was kinda weird but it was so good to see how much people love to hear about Christ. it was so special for me to meet her. the other people we meet are Andre and Giselle. they are a young couple and they were a reference from the bishop of another ward. so we went there and they were so interested. we marked to meet them at 4 and we got there at like 4:03 because there was a huge ditch between us that we had to walk around but at 4 oclock we saw them open their door and they were waiting for us. it was pretty cool. they are married and it was a good lesson!!:)  

i was reading a thing from president thomas s monson and it said the four things we need to remember for the new year are these: to learn, to love, to listen, and to labor! the four L´s for this year will be these for me:) we made some goals and i am already seeing the difference!! one thing i changed was that i started writing everything down that we study so that i can remember things better. and it  is helping a lot. i dont know why i didnt start this way earlier! i hope i can keep learning so much! 

oh and the 31st we planned and did everything we needed to do real quick and we had to go back home a little early because things were getting wild and so we were playing uno and my comp saw a cockroach on the wall behind me so i grabbed my flip flop and flung it behind me and I GOT THE COCKROACH!!!!!!!!!!!! like you guys dont even know how cool it was. the shoe got him perfect and he died just like that. so yea im the master bug killer here:)   and we walked like crazy this week because a lotof our investigators live really far away and so i have some real sweet tan lines on my feet. and then it rained all day yesterday and the day before and so my feet were wet all day and ya know how when you go swimming and you get grandma feet? ya well i had granny feet but where they were still white they were so ugly hahaha like i couldnt even look at them. it was funny.  speaking of ugly i hope you guys dont get to scared from our pictures... :s 

love you alllll:) bye bye!!!!!!! 


this week was good!! we had a lot of fun on Christmas! we (all the missionaries in the mission) went to santos and we had a mission conference. president and sister cabral talked and we sang and ate! the food  was so good!! one of the sisters made cinnamon rolls for us and i felt like i was in heaven. after we all ate some of the missionaries performed for us. some sang, some danced, some did some really funny dancing and singing together, and some did skit thingys. i dont really know. it was funny! then we got our packages and went back to our areas.  this week we had sister Martinez with us for a couple days. the sister training leaders are in a trio and they don´t have an area they just travel every single day and week so they will be with us a lot more now. but she came with us and the few days before Christmas we went to members houses and sang to them and then asked them if they wanted us to send us singing to someone else so we got a lot of referrals because of this. it was cool. this week was full of singing. yesterday we went to an investigators house and  i dont even remember what happened but he wanted me to sing in english for him and then he played the guitar for us. and yes i sang solo. i felt so bad for everyone there. haha their poor ears. youd think that because we sing so much id be getting better but I´m just not meant to sing. πŸŽΆπŸŽ€ its not my gig.. haha but anyways this week was good! we found some more investigators but they all work on Sundays so they didn't go to church. oh and Saturday night the elders called and the ward mission leader passed by their house and said that two missionaries needed to talk and i was delegated..... i had to talk about using members in the work but i talked more about the atonement and how much the savior loves us and he gave everything to us so that we can have the gospel and because god restored everything through Joseph smith we can know the atonement more fully in the church of jesus Christ and so if we love Him and we love our friends and family we should help them use the atonement by taking the sacrament every week and so the members can do the work of the lord and offer everything the gospel has to offer for the people they love. :) it wasnt so bad. every time it gets just a little easier but i still tremble and get nervous... we are going to make some goals this week and start the new year!!!:) hope you all make at least one goal and plan how you will achieve it:) love you all happy new years!!!:) πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‡πŸŽ†πŸŽŠπŸŽˆπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰


hello frens:) miss you all and i hope you all have a wonderful chirstmas!! this week was good. i dont have a lot of time but i just wanna share an experience real quick. so this week i was having some trouble and i asked the elders for a blessing and it was so crazy what he said. i havent ever told anyone here that it has been hard for me let alone what has been hard. only the lord knows and so when the elder was giving the blessing i knew that it was from our father in heaven because only he knows what i needed to hear. the power of the priesthood is real! all you have the priesthood should always be worthy to hold it and those who dont should use it when they need to.:) i hope you all are remembering the true meaning of christmas!! the birth of our savior. not just a dude but our savior. he will save us and only him!! we had the contata de natal and our chior sang. it was good!! love you all and i hope you have a merry christmas!!!!!!:) loves from brazil!! 
o ps our water had a problem this week haha 

Week 40

this week was good! i felt the spirit a lot! we found lots of new investigators! we had transfers and both me and my comp stayed in the same area! yay! when the stl´s came this week both me and one of them hit the 9 month mark. it was cool. its hot hot hot so hot. i sweat like crazy. we have to drink like a thousand bottles of water. we are learning a lot! i dont remember really what happened this week. it was good though. we went to mcdonalds with the a member last pday it was cool. my comps first time eating there. dont worry she liked it. the choir thing is next sunday so pray that we can do good and please pray that our investigators will go to church! hope you all are having a good day. love you all!!!:) 

Semana 39

this week was good. we had the sister training leaders with us for weekly planning and it was kinda weird but tudo bem. we did a lot of service this week. we painted a house and it was cool. we also did  a lot of little services for people. one is kinda funny. so we live by the freeway and the overpasses are kinda different one side goes up and then where you pass across the freeway is flat and then on the other side it goes down. its like a giant u thats tilted over the freeway and there was a lady with a shopping cart trying to push it up the over pass andwe asked her if she wanted help but she said no but then she was still having a lot of trouble so we just went and helped anyways and she was happy when we got to the top but she just took over and said thank you i can go from here but she couldnt turn the cart to go the direction she wanted so we helped her turn in and were about to help her more but she just said that shed get a man on the other side and there was another girl with her too so we let her go and when we were walking down the other side we looked over and she was running down the other side and she looked over and waved. you guys dont even know how funny it was because she was chasing her groceries and looked over and waved at us. i almost died of laughter. things are getting better with the recent converts here. we have one who wasnt reading or praying. she was just going to church becasue she like the missionaries and she has been reading and praying and yesterday when we went there she asked us to help her make goals :) it  was awesome. and another was having really bad health and shes like 87 but when we went there yesterday she was jumping up and down because she was feeling so much better and her life is finally getting better! it was awsome:) you guys need to watch the video the church made for christmas! in english i think its something like the savior was born. its way cool:) makes ya stop and think:) i hope you are all having good holidays!! :) love you all!!!:) 

Semana 38

bom dia america! :) so this week was good. we found 11 new investigators! whoo hoo! but a lot of them were going out of town this week so not a lot were at church. but it was good. we went on splits with the sister training leaders this week and it was good:) they are so awesome. we had a zone conference with president and it was so good. i learned so much!! so i had a lot of spiritual moments this week it was awesome. one was when we were teaching a couple (they already went to church with their friend in guaruja and they already have a bom and they are just way cool) but we were teaching them and when my comp was testifying about what we had taught i felt the spirit so strong! it was amazing:) and then we finally got to watch the womens part of conference! it was awesome because we got the liahona that has the conference talks a couple days before and so when we watched and marked the liahona as we were listening the spirit was wonderful! there were a lot of others too:) oh and a funny thing happened this week. so we ran out of gas the other day and so we called the gas dude and he brought us some gas and when he was leaving we paid him and my comp talked to him about the church a little bit and then we asked him for a receipt and he went to his truck and grabbed some chicken flavoring and gave us the chicken flavoring and then drove away without a receipt. so we were kinda confused and didn't really know what happened but we had to leave so we decided wed call the next day for him to bring a receipt.. but when we were walking to an appt we saw him driving and so i ran over to his truck and told him that we needed a receipt and he said hed bring one to us. so a couple days later he showed up and gave us a receipt. and then last week when we did a thing at the church about genealogy he stopped by and wanted to know more but he was working so we left him with a couple of papers and a my family booklet and he left and then when we were on splits with the sisters we saw him again and he told is he was looking for a path to follow and that he felt like this was it and so the sister i was with set a date for him to be baptized and he accepted and then he gave us his number to mark another day to meet with him at his house because he didnt know what day he had off this week. so saturday we called him to remind him about church sunday and when he found out who it was he said I PRAYED  all excited and so i said oh yeah and how was it all excited too and then he said this.. ``god said you will be my wife and ifi need to be baptized in your church to do that i will do it.`` then i had to explain to him that i will not marry him and that he needs to read the book of mormon to know if he should be baptized and then after he said oh ya i was just kidding but i really prayed and this is the path i should follow.. so it was wierd but we gave him to the elders. so ya. good bye i love you all:) 


what a week! i finally had a Sunday that it didn't rain!!! whoo hoo! there were 7 investigators there! some live in other places though but still it was good! we had to drop maria because she wasn't keeping any of her commitments and not going to church so that was sad and hard to do. maybe shell be ready for some other missionaries in the future. the days that it didnt rain it was hot hot hot! i thought i was going to melt into a puddle. but i know it will just get worse. gotta drink lots of water!! our numbers this week were bad but we are trying to find new people to teach but we aren't finding anyone at home when we go there. we got a Christmas tree! yay for Christmas!:) there was a cool thing about family history at our chapel this week and we got to help a little. there was a non member there and she was really interested but she lives in another state but we invited a bunch of people. i was handing invitations to everyone even the people riding bikes. :)  in church we watched a tiny clip of Ephraims rescue and it looked so much like Utah and i realized i could never live in a city for a long time. i need outdoors a little. but  we watched it to show us and example of priesthood. and i thought for a long time about that. priesthood is one thing that is different in the church of Jesus Christ and all the other churches here. i don't remember if ive already told you guys this but there are a whole lotta churches here. just because some dude wanted to open a church in the garage. but even the more common ones and ones that are bigger. some have the sacrament some have other things the same but not one of the other ones has the priesthood and when Joseph restored the church he didn't just restore the organization but the power to do all the things of god too. how lucky we are to have this and to have worthy men to bless the lives of so many people! the rest of the week was good too! oh and another thing. the dude who delivers gas to us stopped and asked for a pamphlet and said that when he doesnt have to work he will go to church. and we have an investigator who is a members boyfriend but we gave him to the elders in the ward because they can go to his house and we cant but we have already taught him a couple times so he knows who we are and he saw us the other day on the road and chased us down just to tell us he would go to church. but imagine this. two girls walking down the road and all the sudden we see some dude following us chasing us out of the corner of our eyes. #scarymoment but he didntgo to church so i dont really know what happened. this week was just a lot better than normal and i am feeling a lot better. our numbers are bad and president probably thinks we arent working but really we are and really were trying to get better. if you have tips ill take them:) i love you all and i hope you all have a great week:) 

¡Semana 36!

time is flying by like crazy! its crazy!! i feel like this week didn't even happen. we met a woman named maria this week and she is way cool. shes probably like 65ish but she gets so excited when we go to her house. she smokes... a lot! she started smoking when she was 11 and she smoked like 4 packs a day. this year she went to the doctors and shes lowered it to like 1 pack a day  but still that's a lot. shes had a crazy life. she started working as a cook for some lady when she was 8 years old because her mom didn't take care of her. started smoking at 11, was married at 15 and had her first kid at 16. her husband is in a wheelchair and two of her kids are having surgery this week. we made a goal with her to stop smoking and she has been cutting back but she still is smoking.. i told her i would quit eating chocolate if she stopped smoking and so its been a week and i haven't eating anything with chocolate. its a lot harder than you think. also a less active in our ward asked us to visit her so we went there yesterday and when we just got there the elders showed up too to give a blessing to her husband because he was hit by a car. he was in pretty rough shape but he was so grateful for the elders and he said he would go to church next week. but what is more crazy is this.. their daughter is 9 and when this happened the mom walked into her bedroom and heard her praying and she said god please don't let my dad die like this. please give him time to repent first. it was amazing. when the mom told this story the spirit was so strong in the room! kids have a huge influence on their parents! Sunday was the primary program in our ward and there was a lot of less actives and part member families at church because of this. it was awesome!:) this week was a good one! oh and i cut my hair... i don't know why people who cut hair here always want to cut more than i want but the always do. she cut like 6 inches and i almost cried.. oh and yesterday there were a bunch of fire flies by our house. it was so cool! everyone is preparing for Christmas already!!!!!:) whoo hoo!!! this is the house next to us! anyways please pray for maria and have a great week! love you all!:) 

Semana 35

Hello everyone! Wow this week was good! First of all my birthday was awesome! I didn't tell anyone it was my birthday but Sister Cabral puts our birthdays in her emails to everyone so one of the elders told a member and so they sang to me on my birthday and then the day after we ate cake and had pancakes with maple syrup. you don't even know how good it was! my comp made jello for me and it reminded me of home when mom made jello. it was delightful! the crocheting is going great! the choir is still going but we didn't make it to the practice last week because we had a lesson. we are finding some new people that are really cool! i hope we can help them:) the elders had a baptism yesterday and it was a girl whos like 19 or 20 and so we went with her and helped her change and get all that stuff done and when she came out of the water she said wow that was crazy i have never felt anything like that before. she started to cry and she talked about how she just felt so light and how she wants to always have the same desire to keep the commandments! shes way cool! it was awesome! we did a service project this week and we broke a bunch of tile and put up cement and painted the walls it was way fun and cool! it never stops raining. our clothes are dirty and some are wet still after we washed them because the sun never comes out and its super humid and raining every day.. so that's cool. another thing that was cool happened this week was that we were looking for a house on the road ``monte serrat`` and the number was like 1477 or something like that and we walked all the way from 1 to this number but the numbers are dumb and don't make sense and so we finally arrived where the house should be and it didn't exist. he gave us the wrong address but we were almost to the end of the road and so we decided to go the rest of the way and look for the number still because the numbers really are loco! and so we went a little further and there was the number 1477 right in the middle of the 1600-1700 like it doesn't make any sense but it just shows that we cant give up when we think its over. go a little further and you can find what your looking for.  it was way cool. oh and this week i had to talk in church. but the bishop never told me.. until sunday. good thing the elders warned me saturday night! things are so good i miss you all and i love you all! have a great week!!:)