Monday, February 15, 2016


what a week! i finally had a Sunday that it didn't rain!!! whoo hoo! there were 7 investigators there! some live in other places though but still it was good! we had to drop maria because she wasn't keeping any of her commitments and not going to church so that was sad and hard to do. maybe shell be ready for some other missionaries in the future. the days that it didnt rain it was hot hot hot! i thought i was going to melt into a puddle. but i know it will just get worse. gotta drink lots of water!! our numbers this week were bad but we are trying to find new people to teach but we aren't finding anyone at home when we go there. we got a Christmas tree! yay for Christmas!:) there was a cool thing about family history at our chapel this week and we got to help a little. there was a non member there and she was really interested but she lives in another state but we invited a bunch of people. i was handing invitations to everyone even the people riding bikes. :)  in church we watched a tiny clip of Ephraims rescue and it looked so much like Utah and i realized i could never live in a city for a long time. i need outdoors a little. but  we watched it to show us and example of priesthood. and i thought for a long time about that. priesthood is one thing that is different in the church of Jesus Christ and all the other churches here. i don't remember if ive already told you guys this but there are a whole lotta churches here. just because some dude wanted to open a church in the garage. but even the more common ones and ones that are bigger. some have the sacrament some have other things the same but not one of the other ones has the priesthood and when Joseph restored the church he didn't just restore the organization but the power to do all the things of god too. how lucky we are to have this and to have worthy men to bless the lives of so many people! the rest of the week was good too! oh and another thing. the dude who delivers gas to us stopped and asked for a pamphlet and said that when he doesnt have to work he will go to church. and we have an investigator who is a members boyfriend but we gave him to the elders in the ward because they can go to his house and we cant but we have already taught him a couple times so he knows who we are and he saw us the other day on the road and chased us down just to tell us he would go to church. but imagine this. two girls walking down the road and all the sudden we see some dude following us chasing us out of the corner of our eyes. #scarymoment but he didntgo to church so i dont really know what happened. this week was just a lot better than normal and i am feeling a lot better. our numbers are bad and president probably thinks we arent working but really we are and really were trying to get better. if you have tips ill take them:) i love you all and i hope you all have a great week:) 

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