Monday, February 15, 2016

Semana 49

this week was good we saw so many miracles! sunday we tried calling so many people before church and no one answered and we went to a lot of peoples houses and no one answered and so we went to church and as we walked into the gate we looked behind us and two of our investigators were coming and we were soooooo happy!!!!!!! and then we were sitting there and one of the persons blessing the sacrament gave a head nod to the door for us becasuse oliveira came! he said he didnt answer us just to scare us!! like why!!! oh and this morning sister and president cabral called and my comp had to go home because of her back and knee... we just sent her off and now ill be in a trio with the sister training leaders and here in santos until thursday and then ill go to praia grande until next week adn then who knows..... so ya ill travel a lot this week. i am doing good. i dont know who will be my comp for the rest of the trasfers but ya thats all. we had lots of good moments this week. love you all:) 

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