Monday, February 15, 2016

Semana 45

i will just do bullet points again because its a lot easier and faster. 
- emergency transfers Tuesday im in ponta da praia (santos) with sister sousa. she has a problem with her back and knee so we dont run around as much as we did in samambaia.
- we met a guy the first day while we were ``knocking doors`` and when we went back he was way happy that we went there and he said it was crazy that we showed up there because he told god he wanted help and then we showed up. it was cool. we werent able to have a lesson with him because his wife wasnt there and he was leaving but we marked another day to visit him with his wife there and then we left. we went to another house that we had gotten an address for that house and when we got there he was there too! like what. it was his uncles house and we marked to visit his uncle this week too. 
-we met another family and the dad lived im moab for a couple years. like what. usually people dont even know where utah is but he lived in moab. it was cool. my comp is from espirito santo and this dude lived there too. it was cool how much we had in common. 
- it rained a lot and my umbrella broke so we got real wet. 
- we went to the old folks home and shared a message with them and some men from the ward gave them the sacrament. it was one of the most spiritual experiences i have had on the mission so it was so cool. 
- i miss samambaia
- this area only has buildings and apartments so it is hard to knock on doors but we call people from the little phone thingy at the bottom and ask them if we can talk to them. its cool but its hard to give lessons here. this area is a richer part and people arent as accepting as the other areas i have been in. but the members are great!! 
- there was an explosion in guaruja and it filled the air with smoke and smelled like cleaning supplies and we all had head aches. it was crazy.  

love you all hope you have a wonderful week!! pray for my comp that she can have better health!  😘💜

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