Sunday, November 8, 2015

Semana 34!!

Hello my frens! i hope you all had a wonderful Halloween and a wonderful week! my week was good! they don't have Halloween here but they do have day of the dead which was yesterday and its like a holiday and so the computer shop was shut so that's why i didn't email yesterday. and because yesterday for this holiday we went to the cemetery and talked with all the people there about the plan of salvation and we showed them how to use the little booklet My Family and how they can find out info on family search and how they can help their family who has already passed away. it was pretty cool. we met some awesome people! it was kind of weird hanging out at the cemetery all day but hey im used to that.. also other churches were there too and they were being really strange and kinda rude. like i was talking to a person who was leaving and another dude from the other church came over and while i was talking to this woman this man just cut in and said hey i will say a prayer here and then put his hands on the head of this woman and just started talking and yelling and trying to ``cast out`` demons from this person. it was really weird. but it was good for me to be there and share this message with everyone because it made me realize that we are truly  blessed to know the gospel and the hope that we can have from knowing that we can live with our families again. 
we have a recent convert that loves to crochet and she loves to teach us how to make things and she loves to show us the things she makes and so im learning how to crochet! whoo hoo. who would have thought. chey is singing in the choir and crocheting. like what even is this. i am learning how to be a girl and its the hardest thing i have ever done. no joke. 
i am learning so much in this area. and i am loving it!!:) the members are so great!!! we were talking with one the other day and he has watched baptist at our bbq!!! i almost died when i heard that. we have been having a lot of family nights and they are always so good! its so awesome to hear the testimonies of the members! we put my hair with one of our revcent converts heads.... looks natural right?:) she makes dinner for us every sunday night :) whoo! i hope you all have a wonderful week!!:) 

Semana 33!(:

This week was kind of just like a blur. i don't really remember what happened. its really hard not to get discouraged  when people don't go to church. like we spend all week trying to get people to go to church and they all say they will go and then Sunday comes and no one is there. its frustrating and sad. but this week we had a zone conference with president and he basically said to suck it up. that this happens and we cant get discouraged or else Satan is winning. he said when things get hard, go harder. it was such a good conference. he is such a good president! 
We had a baptism marked for Sunday morning before the sacrament of a mom and her daughter and so we went to their house at like 7 in the morning. just to make things clear real quick they don't have door bells usually  or a door to knock. they have a gate in the front of their house so you clap real loud and yell their name until they come open the gate. so Sunday morning we went there and started clapping and yelling and calling them on the phone and doing everything we possibly could to make sure they woke up and went to church. we were there for an hour and finally the son came out and said that his mom was working and his sister was at his aunts house. like what is this! they passed the interview and had confirmed 3 times that everything was right before and then bam. don't go to church. we got lost a lot on our way to lunch this week. we get lost a lot actually.  we have been working a lot with the recent converts and less actives and it is so crazy to hear the stories they have.  one of our recent converts is like 83 and her son lives with her and he is 50 something and he is so rude to her. he hates that she goes to church and so we can only go there when hes not there. also he stole her book of Mormon and the elders encountered her before we did and gave her another one. he is a  mean guy and does other mean things too. 
We met some cool people this week. last week we met an older woman and we went there and she was legit but when we went back she had her daughter in law there and her granddaughter and they wanted to know more too. one of their family members is a member and they wanted to know more. they seemed excited! Also we met a less active who really has a testimony its just that she kinda holds a grudge. when she was a recent convert of two months she was robbed, someone broke into her house and stole practically everything. when this happened she sent a text to the relief society president and asked her to come to her house and say a prayer with her and the president just sent a thumbs up  to her and didn't help at all. she sent the same text to a couple others and they didn't help her either. so as of today she is inactive but like she knows all the things she needs to except forgiveness i guess.  but i learned an important lesson, that we have to be so careful with all the things we say and do because even if we don't notice we can offend someone. i am sure none of the women meant to hurt her feelings but they all did. we have to think about what the other person will think and feel like if we do something. because sometimes they misunderstand our intent. i am doing good and my comp is good too. she is started to talk a little bit ahah. :) we had a crazy storm this week and our gate broke.. the wind was so strong i thought the world was ending! haha just kidding but really it was quite the storm:) i loved it. it  rains almost everyday still so its hard to find new people sometimes but we  are working on it:) i hope you all have a great week!!!:) love you all!!:) 

Semana 32!(:

this week was good and slow again. we found some more people that have some potential its just that no one was at church... one day we got lost and walked like 3 hours straight and that was the day i got a little sunburned. the relief society did a cool activity and each room in the church was decorated like a different state of Brazil! it was pretty cool. we also had family night with the ward and it was pretty cool! it rained a lot and when it wasn't raining it was hot hot. we had the time change here and it stole an hour of sleep´and im tired. my comp wants to be in the choir so we went to choir practice... can you imagine me at choir practice... i think the lady in charge wanted to kick me out . oh and here there is a lot of Macumba.. (black Magic) and they do weird things like burn pigeons and stuff so a lot of times we see birds on fire on the road and we just cross the street and walk faster. but Sunday we were walking and we saw a bunch of vultures and when we got closer there was a goat head and all sorts of things they were eating and someone had done some mad voodoo there. it was weird.  but on a brighter note.. :) we had some really good deserts this week for lunch and our studies are way good. i have been reading the liahona a lot and its crazy the spirit i feel when i read it!!! its beautiful! i drank water from a coconut :) i felt like a tourist! i love you all:) boa semama! 

Semana 31

this week was good! we have had better though. we were working a lot with alex and rodrigo and they were doing so good and they passed the baptismal interview and they were so excited and then the day of the baptism the elders had a  baptism too and we were at the chapel waiting waiting waiting and 45 minutes later they got a hold of their investigator and he was at the beach and so they didn't have a baptism and we went to find alex and rodrigo and they were just chillin in their house and they decided that they didn't want to be baptized because their mom talked them out of it. it was kind of a hard week for me but we are doing good! this week i had a really cool experience though. we were doing contacts on the street and sis santos started talking with a lady and said we would like to share a message about eternal families with you. can we? and she said yes and then my comp just looked at me like help! and so i just opened my mouth and i didnt know what was happening but i was talking and i didnt know what i was saying but it was making sense and she was paying attention. it was like i was watching a movie of myself because i was just there and it really wasnt me talking but it was the holy ghost. it was so crazy!! it rains a lot and its  hot a lot. we  get lost a lot but its ok somehow we always find our way. this week its short but we are all good! love ya all hope ya have a great week!:) im trunky for christmas already... 

Semana 30!

This week was good! we had a lot to do! first it rained every single day all day! today is the first day that i have been here that i could walk outside and it not raining! second, conference was freaking awesome!!!:) i loved it! we were able to watch it in English and i loved every single minute. i forgot what it was like to understand every word. man it was good! all the talks were so powerful! do you all have a scripture??:) you guys will never believe what happened though. Saturday we went to the chapel to watch the morning session (1 o'clock here) and as soon as we walked into the church the power went out. everything turned off and we didn't have power for the first hour. we went to members houses and they didn't have power or internet either and finally an hour later the power came back on! whoo hoo! but before the power came back we called other missionaries in the other area and they put there phone next to the speaker and we put our phone on speakerphone and we all sat around the phone listening like we were old grandpas listening to the game on the radio. it was pretty funny! we had a mission conference Wednesday and it was bomb too. but it took all day and when it was over we rode the freaking bus for like 4 hours because traffic was so bad. i miss my car. Friday we had a baptism. his name is joão batista. we baptized john the baptist. haha it was cool. after he said he felt like a new man and he was so happy and felt so good to be changing his life around. only one problem, after his baptism he left to another part of Brazil for 15 days so he wont receive the holy ghost for a while. we had a baptismal interview for two other boys Alex (9) and Rodrigo (11) and their house is kinda small like they have a bathroom, and another room which is the kitchen and living room and the beds are in this same room and when we went there it was raining way hard and so we were all there for the interview and when the elder asked them if they believed if Joseph was a prophet they both said yes! and then he asked how do you know that? and they said by reading the book of Mormon of course! it was so cool to see them and their eyes light up when he was talking to them! their mom is catholic and isn't sure if she wants them to be baptized soon but the dad knows this church is true and he wants them to be baptized asap. he would be baptized too its just that he works every single Sunday and he needs to go to church another time before he can be baptized and then he has to keep going after that! i think the boys will be baptized this week though! Things are good here though! my new companion is really good but she is really really shy and doesn't hardly talk. but she is sweet! there are 3 sets of missionaries in our ward so it is pretty fun!  i hope you are all good:) love you all!!:) 😀

Semana 29!(:

what a week!!! it started good! we went to Santos twice and it pretty much used up the whole day both days so that sucks. but we were on the bus on our way home and the police stopped the bus and looked in everyone's bag and then left. i don't know why or what happened but it was strange and took a lot of time. the second time we went there the bishops wife took us there because she works there but she had to stop in praia grande first and pick something up so we stopped and when we were getting out of the car sister mendes wasn't holding the bag (that had all of her photos of the cat scan and all the things we had gone to Santos to do:cat scan results everything) and when she opened the door a gust of wind came and took the bag and it went into the gutter and in that hour it was all over. there was no way we could get the info back. ja era. so we went to the doctor where she did the cat scan and they don't have the pictures anymore.. when they print them they automatically delete off of the computer. so ya.. she is going there again today to another doctor because the one we went to wants her to go there every week and get a shot that costs 30 bucks but it doesn't heal it just helps the pain for a minute.. and hes crazy! we were waiting in the waiting spot and he he was in his office with another client and he just started yelling and chewing this dude out it was weird and kinda scary. we also got transfer calls last night and i am now in Praia Grande training Sister A. Santos! she already has one transfer so im really not training training but still. shes really really shy but sweet:) im excited to work here! i will miss itanheam but I'm happy wherever! i am so excited for general conference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) it will be so awesome to hear prophets and i think we can watch it in English so im happy for that too!!:) we taught a family that was really special! they weren't at church because their alarm didn't go off but they really liked the message and i think they will be baptized soon. the spirit was so strong and it was just a good lesson! it was kind of a hard week because we couldn't work completely but this lesson was just a good rejuvenation. im doing good and i hope you all are doing good too!!:) i love you all!:) boa semana!:) 😘