Sunday, November 8, 2015

Semana 29!(:

what a week!!! it started good! we went to Santos twice and it pretty much used up the whole day both days so that sucks. but we were on the bus on our way home and the police stopped the bus and looked in everyone's bag and then left. i don't know why or what happened but it was strange and took a lot of time. the second time we went there the bishops wife took us there because she works there but she had to stop in praia grande first and pick something up so we stopped and when we were getting out of the car sister mendes wasn't holding the bag (that had all of her photos of the cat scan and all the things we had gone to Santos to do:cat scan results everything) and when she opened the door a gust of wind came and took the bag and it went into the gutter and in that hour it was all over. there was no way we could get the info back. ja era. so we went to the doctor where she did the cat scan and they don't have the pictures anymore.. when they print them they automatically delete off of the computer. so ya.. she is going there again today to another doctor because the one we went to wants her to go there every week and get a shot that costs 30 bucks but it doesn't heal it just helps the pain for a minute.. and hes crazy! we were waiting in the waiting spot and he he was in his office with another client and he just started yelling and chewing this dude out it was weird and kinda scary. we also got transfer calls last night and i am now in Praia Grande training Sister A. Santos! she already has one transfer so im really not training training but still. shes really really shy but sweet:) im excited to work here! i will miss itanheam but I'm happy wherever! i am so excited for general conference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) it will be so awesome to hear prophets and i think we can watch it in English so im happy for that too!!:) we taught a family that was really special! they weren't at church because their alarm didn't go off but they really liked the message and i think they will be baptized soon. the spirit was so strong and it was just a good lesson! it was kind of a hard week because we couldn't work completely but this lesson was just a good rejuvenation. im doing good and i hope you all are doing good too!!:) i love you all!:) boa semana!:) 😘

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