Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Semana 28!

this week was good! we were able to help two more young girls enter the water of baptism this week but one counts as the ward but it was still good to help them! the one that counted as missionaries name is maria helena and she turned 8 on saturday so she was baptized on her birthday! her mom is a recent convert but they dont have a lot of money to make a cake for her birthday so we made one for her and sang to them after the baptism. it was special! my companion is having some problems with her knee so we walk very slow all over the place and we go to santos every week and go to the doctor. she is really having a hard time and sometimes we have to stay in the house and it is hard for the both of us. but were working through it. this sunday was good. i think my talk went well. there were two others who talked who have less than 3 months in the church and they both did so good! i was so proud of them! yesterday i was doing a contact with a woman on the road and i was explaining a little about the book of mormon and i gave one to her and when i asked if we could visit her in her house to explain more she said certainly and she was so happy to hear more and we prayed with her on the road and when we invited her to read and pray to see if it is real she said she would but she already knew it was true she said when she held the book she felt something powerful about it and that everytime she drove past the church building she always had a desire to go there but she didtn know if she could. she was legit. but she lives in a another area so we wont be able to  visit her. other missionaries will but it was still way cool to have that experience. also we had a lunch appt with a member and it was practically in cedar and when we got there there was no house. like there was just the outside walls. everything else inside was gone and broken.. dont really know what happened but we went without food for a while and then we ran into constancia on the road and she made us lunch:) it was nice of her. it was so hot this week!! one day i missed a spot with suncreen on my neck\shoulder and so one side of me is bright red and the rest is white white haha oops. things are so good!!!:) i hope you are all good:) love ya!! 

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