Sunday, September 13, 2015

Semana 25 and surprise!!!

hey hey hey!!! this week was so good!! we had some great experiences! first, magali was baptized!! it was very special. her dad wasnt able to baptize her but she was baptized by an americano like the rest of her family. also we met with another girl who read some of the book of mormon and prayed about it and joseph and she said she got an answer but she didnt know how to describe the feelings she had. it was awesome to see her grow in the gospel. i love that about being a missionary. when people really want to know if its true they will get an answer! we also were meeting with another person named jose. hes crazy!!! he tells us he goes to the mountain to pray and when he thinks its been almost 40 minutes he ends his prayer and looks at his watch and its been 4 hours. he really is investigating the church a lot and watched many videos about joseph on youtube and he believes that joseph saw god and christ but he is still having a hard time understanding that he restored the authority to the earth. he says he has cast demons out of people in the name of jesus christ and that he sees angels and that he really likes our church and he will continue looking into it more and he wants to know what all the things sybolism mean about the church like the steeple and he searched things on google and found temple square and wants to know more about that. also we had emergency transfers and i am in another area. same companion but different area in itanhaem. in the center. we just got here like an hour ago so i dont know anything about it yet but itll be interesting because we are both new here and before this area had 2 sets of elders and now its just us. wish us luck and that we can find a liahona to help us haha. our old house got hot water and things were fixed a lot and then we arrived here and dont have hot water again. yay. hah the life of  a missionary. always changing and always unpredictable. i gave a talk yesterday and it wasnt too  bad. it was about the gift of grace from last conference dieter f uchdorf. we had a good week overall!:) 

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