Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Semana 27!

yay pday again already!!:) whoohoo!! this week was good! it rained every single day all day!!! except Thursday but on Thursday we stay in the house and plan for the week and then when we left it rained on us! it was great! ya know in the movies when its raining and a person is already wet but there is a puddle and a car drives by and splashes the puddle on the people walking on the side of  the road... this happened more than once to us this week. haha but its ok! we had a good week non the less. Hevelyn and Gabrielly were baptized on Sunday and it was really special! their mom was crying and the spirit was strong! i think constancia (their mom) will be baptized soon but for now she still thinks shes not ready. and she had a hard past so we´ll have to get permission from president to baptize her. we spent a lot of time at their house this week helping them. and their relative (salvaci) because she was baptized 2 weeks ago. i have to talk again on Sunday and i still get so nervous to talk to people even though i do it every single day! we are able to find our way around and the members always help us! also we live right by the beach! i will try to send a picture! its so pretty! i learn so much everyday! my comp is having problems with her knee and so we went to Santos Friday and we will go again next Friday. but when we got there we were lost completely! this whole week i felt like i was in a movie. two girl in a giant city lost lost lost. we asked everyone how to get to where we needed to be. it was good though we found it and we are all just fine:)  time is flying by! this week i hit the 6 month mark! i cant believe it!! also i met a girl from cornish Utah! like what! from all the places in the world cornish :) she knows Taylor and Courtney! right when i think the world is to big to imagine i am reminded how small it really is. that's one thing we've been helping our investigators to realize. how important they are to our father in heaven and how much he really knows them and he wants the best for them. that's why he blessed us with the gospel and prophets to help u in this big wide world! i know that he loves each and every one of us and that we are all important to him. even if we think we aren't important to anyone else we will always be important to him! i love you all!!!!:) i hope you all have a wonderful week!:) 

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