Sunday, September 13, 2015

Semana 26

what a crazy week we had! everyone in our district is opening an area which means that we are all new to the areas that we are at! no one was there before! its kinda tough but its good! the ward here in itanheam is awesome! the bishop is kinda crazy but its just because hes a little old. him and his wife help the ward so much! yesterday it was raining after church and almost no one has cars here and so she (the bishops wife) made 5-6 trips from the church to peoples houses and the bishop took people home too.   we had two people receive the holy ghost on Sunday! it was cool! we have two more baptisms marked for next week! they are all family! its kind of confusing but i will try to explain. the one who was baptized already her name is salvaci and her nieces are the two that are marked for next week. their names are gabriella and evelyn. their mom also is investigating but isn't ready yet but she will be soon. the other person who was confirmed is the daughter of another couple who are recent converts. she is 26 ish and awesome! the whole family is great! when we were looking for their house we were kinda lost because the numbers here don't make any sense at all and some houses don't have numbers and we passed their house and the mom came out and said sisters sisters and asked if we were looking for a house and we said yes and she said her address and we said yes and she said i live here and we went to her house! it was an answer to our prayers! it rained almost every day here this week but no worries because our new house doesn't have a leaky roof!:)  this week we had a conference with all the mission and the temple president from sao paulo. i think he said he was one of the ´70 and man it was awesome! he was so funny but i learned so much! he was telling us about how we shouldn't be afraid to teach people because we might not know the answers to all the questions and he talked a lot about the book of Mormon. he said its not our responsibility to defend the book of Mormon but its the holy ghost responsibility and i dont have time to write all about it but it was awesome:) it was a good week!:) we met lots of new people and had a lot of fun! love you all:) 

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