Sunday, September 13, 2015

Week 19

so this week was not what i expected but it was good and i noticed so many miracles in the lives of people here and in my life too. so gizmara and cezar were getting kicked out of their house and we talked to the bishop and he found them a house and we moved them into their new house and the ward was so great to help the bishop find a house and the ward has dropped food off at their house and gave them clothes for the baby to soon come and for the daughter and just so much help and support from the ward!  so gizmara and cezar had baptismal interviews and gizmara passed but cezar is on probation or something so he has to wait but they were both at church on sunday and gizmara was supposed to be baptized sunday but she smoked friday after an activity at the bishops house.. so close!!  but she really felt awful and said she would not smoke again so pray for her!!  they love the church and want to be baptized as soon as they can so they can go to the temple and be a forever family! they are awesome. we are having family night in their house tonight :) we taught nildo more and he was doing so good.. he made orange juice in the morning and not coffee and reading and praying and one night he bought us pizza and we ate while we taught. but it couldnt just be us so sister ribeiro started making contacts asking if they wanted to eat pizza and hear a message about the gospel. it was hilarious. then nildo found a friend and she came with us and she had a lot of really good questions but doesnt want to change. the next night we met with nildo and he had been drinking and it was just uncomfortble and he didnt come to church on sunday and so we dropped him because sometimes we thought he was more interested in the missionaries than the gospel and he wasnt at church for the 3rd week in a row so that was kind of upsetting. maybe he´ll be more ready later. dennis was doing so good too until the weekend and he wasnt at church either but he really needs to come to church and stop smoking. pray for him! we  had 6 investigators at church. cezar, gizmara, celia, reinaldo, and a man and a woman. i dont know the man and woman but the missionary ward leader does so we will meet with them this week i hope. this week the language really came along. im learning and growing!! mostly this week we saw miracles :) it was great! i hope you all have a great week!!

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