Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Semana 17

miracles! and prayers are answered! we finally had investigators at church! his name is cesar! he has a family of him his wife and his daughter who i think is like 6.. the wife is pregnant and smokes but she knows shes sinning and wants to stop. cesar was at church and it was fast and testimony meeting and after sacrament meeting he was crying and kept saying how he felt this feeling in his heart so strong and he didnt know how to describe it besides good. the wife had to work so she wasnt able to be there but the daughter was and she really liked it too! the ward is really helping make them feel comfortable and they are married! so as soon as they stop smoking and come to church again they can be baptized! they are so excited to learn more and they love the spirit! continue to pray for them!! dennis ( the other man who smokes) his mom told us that he didnt want to learn more and we havent been able to talk to him yet so pray that he really will have a desire and the strength to overcome his weaknesses. nildo another investigator is doing good. he wasnt at church but he has read the bom a lot! he is in enos now and he says he likes it. he is really fun to teach but he talks with a lot of slang so i dont understand a lot. we finally were able to meet with a lady named marjorie and she accepted everything and really wanted to be be baptized and accepted all the commandments until we told her she couldnt smoke and she needed to come to church a couple times but she said she wants to start over and be better so i hope we can get ahold of her again!
oh we had transfers and i have a new companion because sister tornini is going home! my new companion is Sister Ribeiro  ( you pronounce it like this he-bea-doo) shes brazilian and doesnt speak any ingles at all so this week will be hard but i know its what i need and i will learn better. i pray that she is patient with me:) it rained a lot this week and it was pretty cold! haha but people thought it was 100 below they all had big coats and they dont have very many scarves so they had towels tied around their necks and then there was me with t shirt thinking man im glad im not sweating right now. summer is going be warm for me ahah. on sunday we had 7 member present lessons! it was seriously an amazing day!! oh and this week i stood in front of the bus and talked/yelled to evveryone. it was so scary but it was so awesome!! people here know and some celebrate the 4th of july... with hamburgers and fries! haha its funny. i woke up and the sisters we live with were saying Happy day of Independence! haha. pray that we can continue to teach the people we have met and contact them. its been hard to get a hold of people lately. the language is still a barrier but it is getting better.:) i have been studying a lot about prophets lately and how blessed we are to have a living prophet and how important it is to follow the prophet i encourage you all to pray and find a talk by the prophet and read it! it will be great!:) i love you all :) have a wonderful week!!!:) 

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