Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Semana 18

this week was awesome i dont even know where to start. its difficult not having a companion that speaks ingles but i am learning a lot faster i think. its great. this sunday was awesome! we had 5 investigators there and a less active who we have been working with. we had Cezar and Gizmara! they are the perfect little family and they love the gospel. they have some problems with the word of wisdom but really are honestly trying to stop. we met with them a lot this week and they were supposed to have a baptismal interview so we took the elders with us to their house and Cezar wasnt there. so we took Gizmara and her daughter and the elders to a members house and had family night and it was perfect. the members prepared a lesson and we watched a video clip and Gizmara felt the spirit so strong and was crying it was awesome. and then returned to the house of Cezar and he still wasnt home and so we left and as we were leaving the neighborhood we ran into him on the street and he saw us and he just started crying and it was a huge blessing that the elders were with us because they hugged and comforted him in a way that sisters wouldnt have been able to. but he went to but a beer so he didnt have the interview yet but hopefully this week. sunday he met with the bishop and we made appts to meet with them this week with memebers to they are pretty much in good hands. they both were balling during sacrament and loved sunday school and cezar promised to stop drinking. never again. and we brought hard candy to gizmara so she can stop smoking. it was just a wonderful church day. all the talks and lessons were perfect for them! also yesterday we stopped by a the house of Nildo and we were making goals with him to help him obey the commandments and usually we teach him on the street but we had a member with us so we could go in his house and he lives with a catholic family but they werent there and we were teaching and he said he would really focus and try hard to live the commandments he said he really wants to change his life and he said he prayed for repentance and he said he cried when he was praying because he felt better and then this wild woman came in and started yelling at me and saying things that i dont know but she wasnt happy that we were inher house because shes catholic and she was mad at nildo because he disrespected her or something but we left and it was kinda awkward but we really made a lot of progress with nildo and hes on date so pray that the lady doesnt change his mind and that he can still want to change and that he can come to church. we had the conference of the mission this week and it was way cool! there were 4 of us there that were in the mtc together and pres cabral is hilarious! he reminds me a lot of my dad so thats good i guess. we got a referral from some elders this week of a lady who ran up tp them and wanted to know more and so we called her to find out when and how to get to her house and she and her mom came and picked us up. it was cool. she is awesome. i hope she reads and feels the spirit. she is single  23 and has a baby so hopefully she can realize that the gospel will bless her adn her family! also i had an avacado smoothie and it was delicious. the avacados here are huge. i am a little stressed because i kind of took over this week because i was already in this area and it is so much different with a different companion. oh another man on the street told me he wanted to marry me and move to the united states so awkward. but the language is coming along a lot and i am loving it! im finally used to most of the strange things they do here ahah and fit in more. pray for our investigators to be baptized this month. we have a goal as a mission for every missionary to baptize so pray that we can accomplish this goal:) i know we can do it! the lord really has prepared people!! i love you all :) have a great week!!:) 

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