Sunday, September 13, 2015

Week 20! Batismo or not?

this week was one i will always remember!:) first, last monday was awesome! we went home after emailing and they cut our power because we didnt pay the bill.. whoops haha. so we didnt have power for a couple of days which meant studying by candle light!:) it was awesome. it also meant cold showers. haha it was like i was camping. it was so fun ahah we also ran out of gas and water too and so we were a little short on money this week haha it was so good though. i didnt even know we were supposed to pay the bill for the lights. im learning so much. mas, later that night we had fam night with a bunch of people from the ward at cezars house and it was awesome! a brother from the ward blessed his new house and it was just so great! we had another investigator there also so it was awesome. gizmara stopped smoking and the elders interviewed her again and she was good to be baptized and she asked them for a blessing to help her  continue keeping the commandments and it was great! we marked her baptism for saturday so she could be confirmed on sunday! the ward was so good to help us and they all wanted to help so they all made cake and treats and we all showed up on saturday except gizmara and cezar..,.... nossa i was dying. she was doing so good and so excited to be baptized and then she didnt show up. all the members were there with food and the font was filling and she wasnt there! so sister r left with a sister from the ward and i stayed with another sister and they went loooking for them! they had been gone like 3 minutes and finally gizmara and cezar showed up! they just were late.. things all worked out perfectly and it was a beautiful baptism for gizmara!:) after she was baptized some members bore their testimonies and the ward mission leader handed out pass a long cards to everyone there to give to some one that same night and invite them to church!!:) it was so great! sunday she was confirmed and when we went to her house later that night she had invited her friend to hear our lesson and to go to church with her on sunday! it was awesome! blessings are happening here! we werent able to find any new investigators this week so hopefully this week we can find more! also another funny thing happened this week.. we had lunch at a restuarant of one of the members place and to get there we ride a boat to santos and then another boat to her place and while we were in santos we were walking along the street which is very busy its right on the beach and there are tons of people and some old dude just peed on the side walk with everyone there. i almost died. it was crazy. i had the elders give me a blessing this week because i am just not able to concentrate when people talk to me.. my mind just zones them out and its hard to learn a language when you dont listen. it helped a lot and i am doing and feeling a lot better!!:)

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