Sunday, September 13, 2015

Semana 23!

this week was full of the spirit! sunday was good and i learned a lot and we had members come out with us alot this week. we had 14 member present lessons and 14 other. every time the members bare testimony it is so powerful!!!  cezar and gismara weren't at church again so that was upsetting but the ward was so great to help them and supporting gismara. we taught tainara also and she was doing so good and living all the commandments until Saturday and she didn't go to church but we visited her yesterday with a member who used to be a bishop and he was able to counsel her so good and we were all crying because the spirit was so strong and she is so excited to be baptized and is loving the gospel. we found some new investigators this week and they are doing good. the sisters that lived with us had a baptism and they baptized in the ocean so thats cool. also we had transfers and i was transfered to another area thats 3 hours away from where i was. belas artes 2 is our area and itanhaem is the name of the place. its close to the beach too. i was extremely blessed because another sister that was here was transferred to guaruja and so a sister in the ward of belas artes drove her to guaruja and picked me up and drove me back. yay i was excited because i didnt have to take the onibus with all my luggage. blessings. im excited to serve here and to meet new people. i will miss santa rosa!   my new companion is brazilian and doesnt speak english either:) her name is Sister Mendes. i dont know much about her yet because i just to the new place and the first thing we did was come to write but shes sweet and talks really fast. sometimes its hard to not get discouraged when i am trying so hard to make something make sense and no one understands but oh well.  i hope you are all doing well:) 

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