Sunday, July 5, 2015

Semana 16(:

hello! this week was full of adventures and the spirit testifying that this is the true church! we met more people who accepted dates to be baptized but none were at church. we actually rang one persons door bell 4 times and then went back 20 minutes later and tried a couple more times. his name is dennis and we found him when we were on our way to contact a referral and we walked past his house as we did i just stopped and turned around and said that we need to go back and knock on this door. it was crazy because i wasnt even thinking about it i just did it. we knocked and he answered and was smoking and we told him who we were and what we were doing and he  accepted to be baptized and he said he would quit smoking and he said he believes that joseph smith was a prophet and he said hes already read some of the book of mormon and he would come to church. he didnt come to church and we tried to help himas much as we could. i hope we can get a hold of him soon and get him there next week! also another thing that happened was after we rang his door bell and clapped our hands off at his house we went to another investidgators house and he answered (he was only in swim shorts) and we were so happy and we went and he went and changed his clothes into other shorts and a t shirt and flip flops. he walked with us to the church building and then he wouldnt come into the building because he wasnt dressed the same as everyone else. he left at the gate no matter what we tried to do to get him to come in. it really was upsetting but when we were at his house i had a thought that i should ask him if he wanted to change his clothes before we left but i ignored it thinking that maybe he didnt have other clothes and then later i realized that it was the holy ghost telling me that i should have said something. i learned my lesson. but when we were at the church outside we were trying to tell him it doesnt matter because its his first time and its ok and he shook our hands and when he shook my hand i tried pulling him into the church but he held on to the garbage bin thing they have on the roads. it was funny. he promised he would come next week. we have had a lot of help from the members this week and the ward is always so good at helping and bringing people to church. so when we finally went inside we had a non member there with a member. we have family night with him tonight at the bishops house so well see how things go he seemed to really like church! we taught a lesson in english this week! and sister tornini taught one in spanish! it was awesome! the one in english was way cool! the mom is from Australia and the dad is from here but he speaks very good english because he worked in the us for a while they have two kids whoare 6 and 4. they have australian accents its cute. but the mom had already heard about the book of mormon and joseph smith from a tv show about it. i dont know if the show was very accurate so we explained in detail about the was really good. he wanted to know how to show more generosity to people and when we gave him a bom he opened it to a random page and it was in the index about giving to the poor. he said he doesn't believe in coincidences so it was awesome! but he wasnt at church either. pray for everyone to be at church next week!! we had a party at the church saturday night and there were so many less actives and non members there it was awesome!! :) we had lunch one day on another part of the island so we rode a boat there and it was awesome! they have cool boats here. when we got there it was at a members restaurant and it was a little sketch but i had fishand i liked it so thats good:) oh and another funny thing happened.. we were on the road talking to a less active member and he was leaving and another man came around the corner so i just started talking to him and asked if he wanted tobe baptized and he said no but i didnt fully understand what he was saying so i looked at my companion and she asked him again and he said he wanted to marry we just said have a good a day and left. i didtn know what happened until we had left.. haha its so funny what happens here all the time. :) we saw lots of little fishys when we were on the boat it was cool. there were hundreds!!! we taught some people in our apt and they said they recieved an answer that this church wasnt for them so we explained more and told them to pray again. pray for them that they will understand their answer. anyways it was a great week! pray that people will come to church please i love you all:) boa semana! 
-sister anderson :) 

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