Sunday, July 5, 2015

Week 15

what a week! we met some elects this week! we meet so many people on the street and so many people say we can visit them and then when we go to their house they arent very interested in changing religion or something they just want to hear the word of god so we prayed about what to do and we decided that we should be more bold and direct in the way we go about our contacts so we go up to people and say we are reps of christ and we are looking for people to baptized into the true church of god. and we pray that the elects will say yes so we dont pass them up and then that way we arent wasting time with people who arent ready right to have missionaries. this was on thurs we decided this.. so anyways that day we tried it and not one person said yes...... i was wondering if it was too bold and scaring people a little but we continued to do and we have people say yes i willbe interested in learnign more. one man was on the street washing his car and i felt like we should talk to him and so we went over and said, we are representatives of jesus christ and we are looking for people to baptized into the true church of god. he replied, what do i need to do!!!!! it was awesome! this was yseterday so we are going to meet with him again today! we put 3 people on date this week so pray for them to recognize their answer! it was rainy a lot this week so i got soaked one day because sister torninis umbrella broke and so i gave her mine because i had a jacket and i still tried using her umbrella but i probably just looked funny because there was wires flying around everywhere and the wind kept blowing underneath it and making it go the wrong  way but it was so funny everytime it would happen. we were laughing so hard! it was a good day even though we were pretty muddy and mostly rained onhaha. i almost got in a crash with a bike too and it was funny as well. we were both going around the same corner at the same time and when i saw himi jumped to one side and he turned to the same side and we both just kept goign the same wayand he was flung over the handle bars and i was just trying to move without falling off the curb and running into the post on the corner. it was really funny. oh and the other day we were waiting at the bus station and some man came up and grabbed the phone that was on the post that we were standing by and started talking instantly. i just thought he was wierd because obviously no one was on the other line and i had no idea what he said.. and then when he left my companion explained to me that he answered the phone and said yep yep they are here. the two princesses are here and then walked away. haha it was funny now that i know what he said.  i had to go to the police department and get a paper so i could have it with me all the time saying i was leagal to be here and something ha´ppened where we had to go into the other part and go upstairs and get our finger prints done so everyone had these little cards on their shirts except me but i dont know police dept word so i just did what they told me and followed the lady and they did all the work and then when we were leaving the lady asked for my card and i didnt have one and she got this look on her face and i was like oh great im going to jail haha but i guess i wwent onto a a part where you needed a security checka nd card and they just slipped me and didnt give me one. they just laughed and let me leave but thats about how safe things are here. haha it was funny. the man gaurding the door just said haha whoops we let one in. :0 i am getting bored of the food we have becasue we have the same thing every day. so i today i started  looking for ohter things to buy i found nutella it was 6 dollars for like two spoonfuls. sad. :( many things are very expensive and they dont have a variety of things like the usa has. but its good:) the language is coming along and i can usually answer when people ask me questions now so thats good:) this week we learned a lot about family home evening! i hope you are all having it:) it is wonderful! i hope you all have a wonderful week and thank the lord for everything you have!:) i love you all! 

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