Sunday, July 5, 2015

Semana 11 & 12

ola! tudu bem!? man what a crazy last couple of weeks ive had! 
- left Cali :(
- flew to Washington from Cali
- flew to Detroit for about 4-5 hrs
- flew for 10 hours straight to Brazil
- we talk with everyone here and we go on buses and stand in the front and talk to the whole bus all at one time! its way cool! people here are way more open and more nice than Californians aha the lord has prepared people here a lot! 
- the weather is great! its raining right now but it rains a little almost everyday! its always overcast since ive been here and it is like 25 degrees Celsius but it ist cold at all! its very very humid! 
- its not a clean place at all and dogs just roam the street and poop where ever they would like and so its important to watch where you walk!  
- we walk all over the place! the church is about a 45 minute walk from our aptmnt 
- we have a fairly nice apt! its on the second floor above a grocery store so we dont have to worry about running out of food! haha. 
- lunch is the main meal so we eat a bigger lunch and then we work the rest of the day. we dont have dinner breaks at all so sometimes i get  hungry but i dont notice until we are home and i see food and im like man im kinda hungry haha. we are very focused on what we do.
- church was good! it was wierd to not understand the things people were saying but to still feel the spirit! it was good!:) 
- there is a lot of english here! the people love americano music so all the songs they listen to i can sing along to haha its funny because they dont know what it says they just like listening to it! sometimes its a bad song but they dont know it they just like the beat haha. all their clothes have english writen on them and they have no idea what it says. haha and a lot of signs have english as well as Portuguese!  
- the food is a pretty similar to normal except the fruit is a lot bigger and tastes a lot better and they really know how to make rice! 
- the houses are all wild colors and they are all inside gates so instead of knocking on a door we stand outside and clap and they cometo the the gate! 
- the work is really moving on here! people here a lot more sincere than in cali, if they say you can come back, theyll let you in and really be interested and want to know more but if they dont want to hear it they just say no, they usually dont make excuses of why we shouldnt come back.
- we have already put 3 people on date since i have been here! its great! :) people want to know the truth!!! 
- president is awesome and hilarious! when all the new missionaries arrived we all prayed and he made us all hold hands and then he started to pray to joseph smith!!!! hahah its was funny we all looked up and around at each other and then president just started laughing!! hahha it really was funny! he is really spiritual though! and he has high expectations of us! by the time we go home we have to know 3 languages. we know our regular language and our mission language and then for me i will have to know spanish also.. so pray ill have the gift of tongues!!!
- my companion is from Uruguay and studied to be a english teacher so she knows English very well and helps me a lot! she only speaks in English a little when i cant figure it out after she has explained in Portuguese and weve played charades though haha. shes 24 and a convert to the church she was baptized when she was 20 and she is amazing!!!!!! 
- its hard and not everyone is as nice as most but its totally worth it!! my testimony is growing simplifying in Portuguese ahah  i know this is the true church Christ established when he was here and i know that it is so important to read the scriptures every day and pray and become mor like Him! i love you all !!!! 

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