Sunday, May 24, 2015

Week 10

Well if you havent heard im going to brazil in a week exactly!:) my visa came through and we are headed to brasil!:) this week was awesome! i had a ton of wonderful experiences including my visa coming:) this week we were trying really hard to get members present and we had a lot of help from the ward and they came out with us and tried helping us but all the people we were meeting were busy so we werent able to have anyone come with us in lessons but we did meet a couple new people who are awesome! first ill start with Jr. hes my favorite! hes like 20. he and his dad were painting a house and we rode our bikes and talked to him a little and he acted a little interested but when we asked for his information his dad told us that he knew who we were and that he had mormon friend in malad idaho and that he already went to church and stuff and didnt give us his address or anything. then we rode our bikes away and as we were leaving we realized we forgot to ask him if he knew anyone that could use this message or a visit from the missionaries ( we have to ask everyone we talk to that question or we are busted ) so we were turning around and we meet another lady named mary who seemed interested. we shared a message with her and she said we could come back and she is super sweet. anyways so we finally made it back to Jr and his dad and we asked if there was anyone they knew that we could share our message with and the dad said us we could use a message. i was like what. ok cool! and then Jr continued on to tell us how that day he had told his dad he was changing his life around and that he was dedicating his life to God and then we showed up and started talking to him about it. and how he knew that we were a blessing! its so crazy!!! :) he was telling us how hard of life he has had and how he has done a lot of bad things in his life but how he wants to be better and how he wants to promise god that hell be better! so we told him that we make covenants with god and the first is baptism and he said yes i want to be baptized i want to come to church and i want to be better! it was fantastic!:) the lord answers prayers i promise you that! i knew that, while we were talking to him, we werent able to have those members with us at other lessons because we were supposed to be on our bikes at that exact place at that exact time and that president makes us ask those questions for a good reason! so Jr lives in paris a town outside of our area but we were able to contact the other missionaries and they got him a ride to church and hes on date to be baptized!:) wow the lord had definitely prepared him for the missionaries. he also wants us to visit his mom and his dad too. they seems so interested.  so that was cool. then we met with adrian. hes 17 ans is very willing to learn more and listen to us and has a lot of questions. he doesnt know if there is a god and wants to know more! the only thing is, is he missed church and doesnt read or pray so its hard for him to have that personal revelation when hes not really trying to find out i guess. i think hell come around though:) we met with a less active family and they were so happy we were there and the daughter gave us 10 referrals!! some were just not interested at all but one family i think is very interested but only speak spanish so we gave them to the hermanas! but yeah it was a good week!!!!:) we did cross fit with president today! man im out of shape!:) it is ok though. :) we had a couple investigators at church so that was awesome!:) yeah it was a grand week!:) i hope you are having as good of week as me!:) i love you all!!:) im going to miss cali but brazil will be awesome!:) 
-sister anderson 

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