Sunday, May 10, 2015

Lucky Numba 7!

I'm doing really good i don't have a lot of time to email today but i live with a member couple their names are Heidi and Scott Jensen. they are sweet! we live in Norco but our area is in Eastvale and so we drive our 2014 car to our bike depot and then bike our area. the weather has been stormy since i got here and on Saturday we had our first baptism! it was so rainy!!!!!!!! but the lord blessed us! if we could baptize people hell give us water to fill the font! i'm glad the sisters before me were working hard so i could have a baptism so fast! it was cool! he is 12 his name is Matthew. So Tuesday was good. it was the longest day ever though. we woke up at 330 and flew to cali and met everyone and then went through all the rules and such and then went home. the rest of the week we were teaching people and serving people. we did a service project on saturday where we cleaned out a bunch of old yucky sheds and knocked them down. there were mice and black widows all over the place. dead rats and snakes. it was pretty gross.. but sunday was good! it nice to have something stay the same through allthis craziness. :) my trainer is sister cozzens (cousins) she is from north salt lake and is super fun and nice and sweet! she just got done with her training. so we are both new:) the bishop is way cool!! he served and lived in brazil so we can kinda talk in portuguese. we have had so many cool experiences i wish i had time to share them all with you. hopefully i can have time to write them to my mom and you can ask her about them. i love you all and i hope you have a wonderful week:) remember every member a missionary! the members really help a lot! ill try to send more california pics soon!

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