Monday, May 11, 2015

Week * 8 is Great!!

     This week was really a good one! kind of slow compared to what i have been used to, but i think its kind of getting to be more normal. we did a lot of service this week! we painted a recent converts house and one wall is checkerboard. it looks so good. we had some really good lessons with people and really felt the spirit! on friday  i went into spanish land because we were on exchanges and i switched with a spanish sister so i got to go teach the gospel in spanish for a day! it was a lot the same to portuguese so i could understand what was going on for the most part! it was cool because i only know gospel words and so when we were teaching maura she was telling us how her son has to go to jail for 6-9 months and how she was really upset with him and stuff and i didnt know what she was saying but all the sudden i turned to my companion and said, tell her that christ knows what shes going through and that if shell pray hell comfort her. after i said that i was like whoa. i didnt even know i was saying it until after i had said it. so that was amazing! ive had 2 flat tires on my bike so far so that sucks and it takes up so much time to fix it but its ok were working through it.:)  we had stake conference this week and it was awesome! this stake is so cool! we had the opening prayer in spanish and a testimony born in chinese! there is so much diversity its amazing but i can still feel the spirit so strong even when i dont understand the words. we taught english class also this week! it was so fun!!! the chinese people are so cool!! they are trying so hard to learn and understand english! one guy was trying to know the difference between bottom button and bottle. and when he would say bottle it sounded like he was saying butt hole and i was laughing so hard! it was way funny:) they were doing really good though. the members are so sweet and have such strong testimonies and help the missionaries so much! i know this church is true and i know joseph smith was a prophet  and i know if we pray and ask for help to become stronger he will help us in so many ways!!!!! i know he loves each of us and wants the best for us! choose the right!:) i hope you all have a wonderful week!:) i love you all!:)

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