Sunday, May 24, 2015

WEEK 9!(:

This week was so awesome! mothers day was fantastic! it was good to talk to my family! this week we did a lot of finding.. we walked around a place called swan lake a lot and we received 3 new investigators this week. they are all under 18 and all girls. i hope things work out. we have met with a lady named doree a couple of times and she seems very interested. we have taught her about the restoration a little and she is super nice and when we met with her the second time she said oh i have been looking for you girls all the time! i sit outside and watch for you to ride your bikes past my house! haha she said shed be interested in taking the lessons so we'll see where that goes. we got a new fridge in our home share so that was exciting and we have the best water! its hard to find good water here especially with the drought.. but its good.  we also have been meeting with a man named mike st jaques. his wife is a member and wants to go to the temple with him but he is lagging behind a ways. he says he has an issue with tithing but we have addressed that many times and he understands and we asked him about baptism the other day and he said hes a lot farther away than we think he is but hes told us before that he has a testimony and he believes all the things we have taught him so we are praying extra hard for the gift of discernment to help him come closer to christ. i think hes a lot closer than he gives himself credit but if you could all pray for him to overcome the trial that is blocking him from baptism thatd be much appreciated!:) thank you!:) i cant believe i have already have been away for 2 months today! thats crazy how fast time flies!!!! it blows me away!  it is also so fun when we are out bike contacting and start talking to people about jesus how they just tell us everything they believe and they do all the talking. its fun to learn what they all believe and most of the time its very similar to what we do! its cool:) this week was kind of a slower one because we were doing a lot of finding and contacting referrals but it was still amazing! ive been reading in alma and it has really applied in my life! you should all go read alma 5!!!!! its so powerful! i know this church is true and i know that we can live with our families together again with god and christ but only through the atonement:) go read alma!:) i hopee you all have a great week and S/O to abby and cedar softball good luck at state!:) i love you all:)
-sister anderson

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