Sunday, July 5, 2015

WEEK 13!!

HELLO EVERYONE!!!!!!  how are you all? this week has been wonderful! we have been meeting with a couple named luciana and admilton and they ask tons of questions and really want to keep meeting with u sbut they wont come to church and they are having family problems and they think its because of god so pray for them to know the church is the right thing and it will strengthen their family. we met with celia and she is awesome she comes to church and wants to be baptized but shes not married and i dont think her man wants to get married s thats hard i had to go to santos last week to go to the police station and get a paper saying i was legal to be here but since we dont have a permanent address they wouldnt give it to me so hopefully when i go back next time theyll give it  to me. this week was a little harder. we met with a man jobert and he was basically yelling the whole time and when we left we asked him to pray and he was shouting and prayed that we would find god and that we would know they truth. not him.. its very difficult to have people stop talking for a minute so we can explain the church. all  they do is try to find reasons why its not true and i just felt like i was on the defense all week.we met with a lot of less actives this week and they were at church so thats great!  we had many other powerful lessons and talked with almost 200 people about the gospel this week. im so exhausted but its the best exhausted ever! the language is coming along! i am understanding more and more and when we talk with people i can usually understand enough to have somewhat of a conversation. haha some members came out with us today and they help incredibly!! its amazing what they bring with them when they come! i invite you all to go with the missionaries in your area and help them:) also when we were at a recent convert house this week his neighbor came over and said he wants to know more about the book of mormon so we have been meeting with him and he seems like he will probably be baptized pray from him his name is nelson.  he has a family so pray for them also. the power of prayer is real!!! on sunday we were having a hard time talking to people and helping them realize the difference in our church and other churches because they all think they have the authority which doesnt make sense becasue they go to a church thats only here in this one place but thats not the point, we were hving a hard time talking to poeple and then we prayed and after we recieved a couple contacts and people answered their doors and we ran into a couple members who wanted us to come visit them other days and visit with non members and the people we talked to were more open and understanding. so pray. pray expecting an answer and he will answer your prayers. moroni 7 48 read the liahona and ensign and scriptures! they are amazing!!!! always strive to be better:) i hope you are all doing great! i love you all!!! pray for the investigators of the missionaries that they will be able to recognize their answer. :) Displaying DSCF1195.JPG

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