Sunday, November 8, 2015

Semana 32!(:

this week was good and slow again. we found some more people that have some potential its just that no one was at church... one day we got lost and walked like 3 hours straight and that was the day i got a little sunburned. the relief society did a cool activity and each room in the church was decorated like a different state of Brazil! it was pretty cool. we also had family night with the ward and it was pretty cool! it rained a lot and when it wasn't raining it was hot hot. we had the time change here and it stole an hour of sleep´and im tired. my comp wants to be in the choir so we went to choir practice... can you imagine me at choir practice... i think the lady in charge wanted to kick me out . oh and here there is a lot of Macumba.. (black Magic) and they do weird things like burn pigeons and stuff so a lot of times we see birds on fire on the road and we just cross the street and walk faster. but Sunday we were walking and we saw a bunch of vultures and when we got closer there was a goat head and all sorts of things they were eating and someone had done some mad voodoo there. it was weird.  but on a brighter note.. :) we had some really good deserts this week for lunch and our studies are way good. i have been reading the liahona a lot and its crazy the spirit i feel when i read it!!! its beautiful! i drank water from a coconut :) i felt like a tourist! i love you all:) boa semama! 

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