Sunday, November 8, 2015

Semana 34!!

Hello my frens! i hope you all had a wonderful Halloween and a wonderful week! my week was good! they don't have Halloween here but they do have day of the dead which was yesterday and its like a holiday and so the computer shop was shut so that's why i didn't email yesterday. and because yesterday for this holiday we went to the cemetery and talked with all the people there about the plan of salvation and we showed them how to use the little booklet My Family and how they can find out info on family search and how they can help their family who has already passed away. it was pretty cool. we met some awesome people! it was kind of weird hanging out at the cemetery all day but hey im used to that.. also other churches were there too and they were being really strange and kinda rude. like i was talking to a person who was leaving and another dude from the other church came over and while i was talking to this woman this man just cut in and said hey i will say a prayer here and then put his hands on the head of this woman and just started talking and yelling and trying to ``cast out`` demons from this person. it was really weird. but it was good for me to be there and share this message with everyone because it made me realize that we are truly  blessed to know the gospel and the hope that we can have from knowing that we can live with our families again. 
we have a recent convert that loves to crochet and she loves to teach us how to make things and she loves to show us the things she makes and so im learning how to crochet! whoo hoo. who would have thought. chey is singing in the choir and crocheting. like what even is this. i am learning how to be a girl and its the hardest thing i have ever done. no joke. 
i am learning so much in this area. and i am loving it!!:) the members are so great!!! we were talking with one the other day and he has watched baptist at our bbq!!! i almost died when i heard that. we have been having a lot of family nights and they are always so good! its so awesome to hear the testimonies of the members! we put my hair with one of our revcent converts heads.... looks natural right?:) she makes dinner for us every sunday night :) whoo! i hope you all have a wonderful week!!:) 

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