Sunday, November 8, 2015

Semana 30!

This week was good! we had a lot to do! first it rained every single day all day! today is the first day that i have been here that i could walk outside and it not raining! second, conference was freaking awesome!!!:) i loved it! we were able to watch it in English and i loved every single minute. i forgot what it was like to understand every word. man it was good! all the talks were so powerful! do you all have a scripture??:) you guys will never believe what happened though. Saturday we went to the chapel to watch the morning session (1 o'clock here) and as soon as we walked into the church the power went out. everything turned off and we didn't have power for the first hour. we went to members houses and they didn't have power or internet either and finally an hour later the power came back on! whoo hoo! but before the power came back we called other missionaries in the other area and they put there phone next to the speaker and we put our phone on speakerphone and we all sat around the phone listening like we were old grandpas listening to the game on the radio. it was pretty funny! we had a mission conference Wednesday and it was bomb too. but it took all day and when it was over we rode the freaking bus for like 4 hours because traffic was so bad. i miss my car. Friday we had a baptism. his name is joão batista. we baptized john the baptist. haha it was cool. after he said he felt like a new man and he was so happy and felt so good to be changing his life around. only one problem, after his baptism he left to another part of Brazil for 15 days so he wont receive the holy ghost for a while. we had a baptismal interview for two other boys Alex (9) and Rodrigo (11) and their house is kinda small like they have a bathroom, and another room which is the kitchen and living room and the beds are in this same room and when we went there it was raining way hard and so we were all there for the interview and when the elder asked them if they believed if Joseph was a prophet they both said yes! and then he asked how do you know that? and they said by reading the book of Mormon of course! it was so cool to see them and their eyes light up when he was talking to them! their mom is catholic and isn't sure if she wants them to be baptized soon but the dad knows this church is true and he wants them to be baptized asap. he would be baptized too its just that he works every single Sunday and he needs to go to church another time before he can be baptized and then he has to keep going after that! i think the boys will be baptized this week though! Things are good here though! my new companion is really good but she is really really shy and doesn't hardly talk. but she is sweet! there are 3 sets of missionaries in our ward so it is pretty fun!  i hope you are all good:) love you all!!:) 😀

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