Sunday, November 8, 2015

Semana 31

this week was good! we have had better though. we were working a lot with alex and rodrigo and they were doing so good and they passed the baptismal interview and they were so excited and then the day of the baptism the elders had a  baptism too and we were at the chapel waiting waiting waiting and 45 minutes later they got a hold of their investigator and he was at the beach and so they didn't have a baptism and we went to find alex and rodrigo and they were just chillin in their house and they decided that they didn't want to be baptized because their mom talked them out of it. it was kind of a hard week for me but we are doing good! this week i had a really cool experience though. we were doing contacts on the street and sis santos started talking with a lady and said we would like to share a message about eternal families with you. can we? and she said yes and then my comp just looked at me like help! and so i just opened my mouth and i didnt know what was happening but i was talking and i didnt know what i was saying but it was making sense and she was paying attention. it was like i was watching a movie of myself because i was just there and it really wasnt me talking but it was the holy ghost. it was so crazy!! it rains a lot and its  hot a lot. we  get lost a lot but its ok somehow we always find our way. this week its short but we are all good! love ya all hope ya have a great week!:) im trunky for christmas already... 

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