Sunday, November 8, 2015

Semana 33!(:

This week was kind of just like a blur. i don't really remember what happened. its really hard not to get discouraged  when people don't go to church. like we spend all week trying to get people to go to church and they all say they will go and then Sunday comes and no one is there. its frustrating and sad. but this week we had a zone conference with president and he basically said to suck it up. that this happens and we cant get discouraged or else Satan is winning. he said when things get hard, go harder. it was such a good conference. he is such a good president! 
We had a baptism marked for Sunday morning before the sacrament of a mom and her daughter and so we went to their house at like 7 in the morning. just to make things clear real quick they don't have door bells usually  or a door to knock. they have a gate in the front of their house so you clap real loud and yell their name until they come open the gate. so Sunday morning we went there and started clapping and yelling and calling them on the phone and doing everything we possibly could to make sure they woke up and went to church. we were there for an hour and finally the son came out and said that his mom was working and his sister was at his aunts house. like what is this! they passed the interview and had confirmed 3 times that everything was right before and then bam. don't go to church. we got lost a lot on our way to lunch this week. we get lost a lot actually.  we have been working a lot with the recent converts and less actives and it is so crazy to hear the stories they have.  one of our recent converts is like 83 and her son lives with her and he is 50 something and he is so rude to her. he hates that she goes to church and so we can only go there when hes not there. also he stole her book of Mormon and the elders encountered her before we did and gave her another one. he is a  mean guy and does other mean things too. 
We met some cool people this week. last week we met an older woman and we went there and she was legit but when we went back she had her daughter in law there and her granddaughter and they wanted to know more too. one of their family members is a member and they wanted to know more. they seemed excited! Also we met a less active who really has a testimony its just that she kinda holds a grudge. when she was a recent convert of two months she was robbed, someone broke into her house and stole practically everything. when this happened she sent a text to the relief society president and asked her to come to her house and say a prayer with her and the president just sent a thumbs up  to her and didn't help at all. she sent the same text to a couple others and they didn't help her either. so as of today she is inactive but like she knows all the things she needs to except forgiveness i guess.  but i learned an important lesson, that we have to be so careful with all the things we say and do because even if we don't notice we can offend someone. i am sure none of the women meant to hurt her feelings but they all did. we have to think about what the other person will think and feel like if we do something. because sometimes they misunderstand our intent. i am doing good and my comp is good too. she is started to talk a little bit ahah. :) we had a crazy storm this week and our gate broke.. the wind was so strong i thought the world was ending! haha just kidding but really it was quite the storm:) i loved it. it  rains almost everyday still so its hard to find new people sometimes but we  are working on it:) i hope you all have a great week!!!:) love you all!!:) 

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