Monday, February 15, 2016

Semana 35

Hello everyone! Wow this week was good! First of all my birthday was awesome! I didn't tell anyone it was my birthday but Sister Cabral puts our birthdays in her emails to everyone so one of the elders told a member and so they sang to me on my birthday and then the day after we ate cake and had pancakes with maple syrup. you don't even know how good it was! my comp made jello for me and it reminded me of home when mom made jello. it was delightful! the crocheting is going great! the choir is still going but we didn't make it to the practice last week because we had a lesson. we are finding some new people that are really cool! i hope we can help them:) the elders had a baptism yesterday and it was a girl whos like 19 or 20 and so we went with her and helped her change and get all that stuff done and when she came out of the water she said wow that was crazy i have never felt anything like that before. she started to cry and she talked about how she just felt so light and how she wants to always have the same desire to keep the commandments! shes way cool! it was awesome! we did a service project this week and we broke a bunch of tile and put up cement and painted the walls it was way fun and cool! it never stops raining. our clothes are dirty and some are wet still after we washed them because the sun never comes out and its super humid and raining every day.. so that's cool. another thing that was cool happened this week was that we were looking for a house on the road ``monte serrat`` and the number was like 1477 or something like that and we walked all the way from 1 to this number but the numbers are dumb and don't make sense and so we finally arrived where the house should be and it didn't exist. he gave us the wrong address but we were almost to the end of the road and so we decided to go the rest of the way and look for the number still because the numbers really are loco! and so we went a little further and there was the number 1477 right in the middle of the 1600-1700 like it doesn't make any sense but it just shows that we cant give up when we think its over. go a little further and you can find what your looking for.  it was way cool. oh and this week i had to talk in church. but the bishop never told me.. until sunday. good thing the elders warned me saturday night! things are so good i miss you all and i love you all! have a great week!!:) 

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