Monday, February 15, 2016

¿Semana 47.5 or 48?

hello friends. today we are emailing because monday is a holiday and wont be open. its carnaval time here. people party like crazies. there are lots of fireworks already and it is starting today. it starts today and goes until tuesday. i dont really know what its like but we will have to go home at 6 all thses days because its not good to stay out i guess. idk how it is im just telling you what ive heard. i hope you are all good! our week was good. not a lot happened other than the ordinary. we went to the doctors office a couple times for my comp but when we were onthe bus going there we met some really cool people that said we could visit them. so everything has a reason. its been really hot so we eat jello every single day when we get home. its good:) one of our investigators is mexican and she made mexican food for us an it was so good. i miss mexican food. haha. bye i love you:) 

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