Monday, February 15, 2016

Semana 38

bom dia america! :) so this week was good. we found 11 new investigators! whoo hoo! but a lot of them were going out of town this week so not a lot were at church. but it was good. we went on splits with the sister training leaders this week and it was good:) they are so awesome. we had a zone conference with president and it was so good. i learned so much!! so i had a lot of spiritual moments this week it was awesome. one was when we were teaching a couple (they already went to church with their friend in guaruja and they already have a bom and they are just way cool) but we were teaching them and when my comp was testifying about what we had taught i felt the spirit so strong! it was amazing:) and then we finally got to watch the womens part of conference! it was awesome because we got the liahona that has the conference talks a couple days before and so when we watched and marked the liahona as we were listening the spirit was wonderful! there were a lot of others too:) oh and a funny thing happened this week. so we ran out of gas the other day and so we called the gas dude and he brought us some gas and when he was leaving we paid him and my comp talked to him about the church a little bit and then we asked him for a receipt and he went to his truck and grabbed some chicken flavoring and gave us the chicken flavoring and then drove away without a receipt. so we were kinda confused and didn't really know what happened but we had to leave so we decided wed call the next day for him to bring a receipt.. but when we were walking to an appt we saw him driving and so i ran over to his truck and told him that we needed a receipt and he said hed bring one to us. so a couple days later he showed up and gave us a receipt. and then last week when we did a thing at the church about genealogy he stopped by and wanted to know more but he was working so we left him with a couple of papers and a my family booklet and he left and then when we were on splits with the sisters we saw him again and he told is he was looking for a path to follow and that he felt like this was it and so the sister i was with set a date for him to be baptized and he accepted and then he gave us his number to mark another day to meet with him at his house because he didnt know what day he had off this week. so saturday we called him to remind him about church sunday and when he found out who it was he said I PRAYED  all excited and so i said oh yeah and how was it all excited too and then he said this.. ``god said you will be my wife and ifi need to be baptized in your church to do that i will do it.`` then i had to explain to him that i will not marry him and that he needs to read the book of mormon to know if he should be baptized and then after he said oh ya i was just kidding but i really prayed and this is the path i should follow.. so it was wierd but we gave him to the elders. so ya. good bye i love you all:) 

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