Wednesday, April 8, 2015

    This week was so amazing! so many things happened! CONFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow what a wonderful experience to have watched here at the MTC! it was amazing! its crazy how much more you understand and can relate to when you actually pay attention!! Conference was seriously so powerful this month! if any of you havent watched it i encourage you to take some time and watch/listen to it with a question in mind and seek for revelation. it was hard at first because they were all speaking on families and i had just left my family and was feeling just a little sad for myself and then a thought came to my mind that being away from my family for a short amount of time isnt that hard because i can go invite others to come unto christ so they can be with theres FOREVER! FO-EV-VER! sqince says it the best! but really how amazing is it knowing that even after we arent on this earth anymore we can live with our families forever! it really touched my heart! this week for our TRC we taught actual Brazilians from Brasila! they were here for conference! it was seriously one of the coolest things ive done since ive been here. they were so awesome and so loving! we taught some more lessons this week to and they went good but it was just way awesome to teach Brazilians not RM's that learned portuguese. ive always been really excited to come and serve but after this week i really just have a true desire to serve him and give it 100% its amazing what can happen if we open/soften our hearts. we are done learning new things in class and we are just starting to review and expound on what we know. they taught us all the things we need to know in 3 weeks! the whole book we coveredin just 3 weeks! and the first week we only had a teacher for 3-4 hours a day!  the last picture is with the brazilians we taught.:) the first picture under the trees it goes sister mceldowney sister gines sister aston sister bingham me sister perkins (my comp) elder hiener elder kime and elder efros. were kind of an awkward district if you couldnt tell. hah but we are all close and get along good! i hope you all had a great easter and i hope you all have a great week! ill send the pictures in another email. i love you all:) 

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